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Monday, April 6, 2015

April Goals

I know, I am only like a week late for this. I mean where is the time going?! Well after an eventful March, it is on to April. I am so proud of work because we brought on another new person, got the green light on quite a few little projects, and I am currently ordering marketing stuff that we have never had the chance to get before. We had the entire team in last week, which was a first in company history, and had a blast catching up and getting shit done! 

How I did on March Goals:

1.)Spending Freeze: I made it the majority of the month and then the last week or so went to Crap. So I have made adjustments and am continuing it into April. 

2.)Order Contacts! Fail. Apparently once your prescription hits within a month of needing renewal Costco wants a new prescription.... Or at least mine does. 

3.) Post 12 new posts. <--HAHAHA! I think this was possibly the worst month for posting on either blog. 

4.) Bring my lunch to work all month. Again, did really well up until the last week or so. And then I found the most amazing place in the whole wide world, that you can build your own enchiladas. I was done for from that point on. 

5.) Clean up my Living Room. I cleaned up a few times but not like I wanted to. It went from being 72 and beautiful to 95 and allergies from hell in a matter of 3 days. 

6.) Re-Organize My Closet. Let's just say anything NOT in a laundry basket is getting the ax. I looked through my closet and asked myself why I still owned 3/4 or it, so I started finding the things I loved and wearing those, and everything else is going buh bye! Just need a couple of boxes to put it all in. 

April Goals: 

1.) Do all the homework! I have been seriously behind on a few assignments, and I really need to catch that crap back up. I know one class I just need to figure our what the teacher has actually received and what she hasn't. The other I need to resubmit for a better grade. 

2.) Spending Freeze Part Two. Apparently I am queen at planning vacations this year because now I have two planned and one on hold until I get the dates. The only thing I have to do is get a hotel for Elevated, and wait for dates on the second.

3.) Business cards! Since I am traveling to Elevated this month, I really need to get my business cards up and going. I love Moo and the fact that I can have 4-5 different back covers to it, but just need to get the graphics done and get them ordered.  

4.) Road trip Playlist. I love creating new playlists, so this seems like it is going to be simple stupid for me! Anyone have any songs/artists the want to recommend?  

5.) Get work ready for Summer. The one thing to know about my job is that the moving industry, no matter what area, is always busiest during the summer. Even moving cars. In less than a month, I will be eating, drinking, breathing and even sleep-working work. So I have to prepare not only myself, but my little employee too since this is her first year. 

6.) Post More. Like I need more than 4 posts this month. I really need to get back to scheduling stuff.  

I hope everyone had a Fantastic Easter! 

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  1. Good luck with April! Seriously, if I didn't schedule stuff I wouldn't have any posts...

  2. Thanks! Yea I wondered why I didn't have a ton of posts, and then I remembered that I didn't actually schedule anything.