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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturdays are for Something

This post will probably have no significant meaning other than to show people that after this horrendous week, I am still among the living.

So about Wednesday afternoon I started sending my office bestie this picture with the caption
"How people are making me feel right now." 

And while people are in love with Frozen, I am still in love with Tangled, and the cute little chameleon named Pascal. But I felt that this picture was appropriate to describe my feelings of anger and frustration.

I had very few moments to actually focus on the blog this week and rarely any time to write any substantial posts. It has been nonstop in the work world, and any chances to take a day off have come and gone. I blew past my monthly revenue budget by 60k which is HUGE! It also means that the time that I have to try and find a replacement employee has been non existent. Since I have not found a replacement, I have had to take work home to try and keep up. I finally said enough on Thursday and ended up taking a 2 hour nap after work and then going to bed at 9:30. Something is wrong right?

Now I am trying to make this a product-full Saturday by creating posts, scheduling, and doing a little bit of design updates. I am hoping that this coffee will give me the inspiration to make today matter.

Happy Saturday!

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Friday, May 30, 2014

5 Guys, A Girl, and Some Music

So here I am, linking up because I feel like this post is extremely acceptable topic.

Ladies, I am talking about boys, well now they are Men. But in our youth they were the eye candy of our hearts. The hot pieces of man candy that we bought Tiger Beat and Teen Magazines for to pull out the magical fold out poster in the middle. And god forbid if it were a dual sided poster that had two hunks on it. What side should I put up?!! I am still asking this after my Shane West and Milo Ventimiglia poster. GAH!!

So here are 5 Men from our younger days, tween/teen,  that I can't help but love.

1.) Freddie Prince Jr.
That smile + those dimples = the heartthrob that stole our hearts. Truly a prince charming, Freddie here made us all believe that true love is possible; and that one day the most popular guy in high school would help us transform ourselves from a boring duck to a Swan.

Now: We don't see much of Freddie on the big screen anymore, what with his wife being on TV in her regular series The Crazy Ones. But Freddie here has been in small parts recently in Witches of East East End and Bones.

2) Chad Michael Murray
Who didn't wish they were stuck in a library with this guy (sans the person with a gun)?? Chad may have started out as school jerk Tristan in Gilmore Girls, but he definitely stole our hearts as the lovable Lucas Scott in One Tree Hill. And let's not forget the A Cinderella Story where he played Austin, where this NoMad found his princess in a Diner Girl. Or the moment we found out he liked Brittany Spears as much as we did in Freaky Friday.

Now: This blonde haired, blue eyed heartthrob still lives on doing indie films, and smaller tv shows including the show Southland and Chosen (both of which I have never seen.).

3) Milo Ventimiglia
On to one of the bad boys we all loved to,  hate.  Milo made his way into our hearts on Gilmore Girls as the brooding bad boy Jess. You hated him, you loved him, and there were times that both came into affect in one episode. He also starred in American Dreams and NBC's Heroes.

Now: Ignoring the Cinematic fails of That's My Boy and Grown Ups 2; Milo joined Chad Michael Murray in the show Chosen, has done some small indie/tv movie roles, and has been the voice of Wolverine in the animated versions of the comic series. And HOPEFULLY he will be rejoining his Heroes cast for the Heroes Reborn.

4) Shane West

Shane... First let's go back to my earlier statement of me trying to figure out what side of my Teen Pop poster to put up. Shane West, well he was my Ryan Gosling of the early 2000's. I wept every time I saw A Walk To Remember, and fought all of my pre-teen friends when they said he was their husband. It really ended friendships. You see this silly lock thing he used to wear....Yea I may, or may not, have worn something similar ALL through Junior High. Don't judge me... a lot.

Now: Shane has recently been in the CW series Nikita, which ended last year. They could have played this series off a lot longer than they did, but after night changes and serious script failures we had to bid Nikita farewell. Now Shane is on a new series Salem which looks thrilling and creepy at the same time!

5) Heath Ledger.
I think we all could agree that this was a man who was lost too early. He had so many iconic roles, that are still loved to this day. My first encounter with Heath was in 10 things I hate about you, which has since been one of my favorite movies. He dazzled us once again in A Knights Tale, and then surprised us with his role as the Joker. He will always remain a legend in my books.

What Male Celebs did you rush to get the newest copies of TeenPOP or TigerBeat for?

Two Songs today to love and adore! I am sure you can recognize the first.

Venus Trapped in Mars

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I wanted to come up with something witty and clever for the title.... but it is 5: 30 and I just made coffee. So instead I leave you with a song, a random picture of something I found on Pinterest, and my confessions.

The Big Bang by Rock Mafia on Grooveshark

-- I am still trying to fathom why adults in my office still do not understand the whole loading the dishwasher concept. Someone put coffee mugs on the bottom rack! And my lipstick person finally put all of hers in there, because I spent an extra 15 minutes washing hers.

--I woke up at 4 this morning and am now fully awake at 5:30a. WHY??!!!

-- I literally danced around my patio for 2 minutes when I realized that there was a chance for rain, in my pajamas. Forecast calls for slightly cloudy, cool day in which my AC doesn't run for 3 hours straight. But with our luck it will only rain for 5 minutes. #azproblems

-- I went in to work at 6am yesterday... loved it! And then I came home and worked from 5:30 to 8p. Loved it even more!! I think I managed to get more done in those hours than I do during the middle of the day.

-- I may have been drinking the Mikes Hard Black Cherry Lemonade in my refrigerator from 5:30 to 8p last night.

--I confess that I have not been reading the book on my sidebar. Instead I have been reading another and finally finished it. Review post to come. Now I need to resume the book on my sidebar.

--I have 5 posts sitting in draft waiting to be finished. I have been working on them for weeks. I need to get my crap together.

--I am having a can't I just wear my yoga pants to the office kind of day...

-- Speaking of Yoga Pants, I am in love with Whitney's Single Blogger VS Relationship Blogger. Apparently there are a bunch of girs with #singlebloggerproblems .

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Social

Sunday, how awesome do you look today?! Is it the the fact that I don't have to work tomorrow? Is it the fact that I cleaned throughout the weekend, and now feel like I have gotten something accomplished? I don't know but Sunday has never looked so good.

1.) What is my favorite handbag that I own? 
Well it's a  little grey and white number from Coach. It has just the right amount of pink on the inside and a light stripe down the front and is a strong material. I hate to sound like a snob, but most of my handbags are from Coach. I had a problem 3  years ago and just went to the outlet stores all the time.

2.) 3 things I would buy right now if money was no object.

  • A house that is almost self sufficient. Meaning solar panels to actually take advantage of all of this sun. 
  • A new hybrid SUV to save on gas and insurance. 
  • A 250k savings bond to earn interest over the next 10-15 years so that I can retire comfortably.   

3.) Name a place that I would go if handed a plane ticket to anywhere. 
Barcelona Spain. Hell anywhere in Spain. I have wanted to go for so long and plan on going within the next 3 years. I just have to.

4.) What is the most valuable life lesson learned from blogging? 
Stop caring. It sounds silly, but most of us started blogging because we had something to say, or just wanted to be ourselves. Somewhere along the line we start losing our way and start worrying about what others think. But we need to keep being our original self and stop worrying about others.

5.) What is the most valuable life lesson learned from a friend? 
Never settle for less than you deserve. I think I have learned this from all of my friends. Never settle for a relationship or a friendship that is not worth your time.

Now time to go buy stuff for cheesecake and some alcohol. Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

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Friday, May 23, 2014

What to do, what to do, what to do.....

That is all I have done this week...asked what to do. Now this isn't my normal, what do I eat for dinner today because that has turned into, how do I spice this Top Ramen up? 

This week has been full of what to do's though. Like the mindless question that it is, that is how I was feeling. Even this post has a the feeling of lost and confused. So without further a due, here were my qualms of this week. 

What do I watch? I mean there is absolutely nothing on Netflix, and I cannot start a new series. 
Solution: I watched really mushy, girl gets the guy in the end type movies. Tons of them. 

What do I do about my co-worker and company adding me on Instagram? One is not my coworker, but I do technically control when  he gets paid. And I never thought the day would come when I had people from work besides my two besties finding me on Instagram. 
Solution: I literally scrolled through all of my photos to make sure that none of them would cause me to get fired, and deleted any that had my blog link to it; and then accepted them. Now if they try to add me on Twitter or Facebook those a-holes better hope that they can sort out being flagged for inappropriate content. 

What do I do about gas money? I mean I am short this paycheck... Thank you $196 vehicle registration. 
Solution: Make my male BFF feel really guilty about the fact that I still am storing his shit at my house for him, including his animal. And suggest that he can make it up to me by helping me with my electric bill. Deceitful, yes.... but it worked and I now have gas money and money for electric. Plus he likes to try and hand me money all of the time and has not taken me to dinner in months. 

What Music do I listen to today? 
Solution: I tried N'sync Radio on Spotify and that was an Epic Fail.  So Now I am listening to Lindsey Stirling's new album Shatter Me. Got to support my AZ Artists. 

My coffee mug just shattered because I was half asleep.... What do I use because I am the retard that only has two mugs in my house?
Solution: Mason Jar

What do I do to my poor coworkers who don't understand sarcasm?
Solution: use more of it and make it outlandish in hopes that they will finally understand it. Or put up my sarcasm note. 

How and what do I bribe someone with to take me to see X-Men? 
Solution: My little brother owes me a birthday present and his girlfriend works at a movie theatre. SCORE!! Free Movie here I come. 

What do I write about? 
Solution: well instead of writing about any of the items on my mind map that I made this week, I chose to write this. Enjoy! 

Have a question you need answered? I may be able to help. 

Backing my azz up! Here is Lindsey Stirling Featuring Lzzy Hale from the band Halestorm in Shatter Me.

Shatter Me (feat. Lzzy Hale) by Lindsey Stirling on Grooveshark

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Sea Fairer, the Scientist, The Radio Personality, and The Writer

As a child I was told I could be anything in the world that I wanted to be. Little did my parents know, I was and still am, known as one of the most in decisive people. Like ever. And have since then listened to their non helpful advice and changed my mind too many times to count. But as a child I knew I wanted to be cool. 

So there I was a little prepubescent Kylea, with big hopes and aspirations to become something totally wicked that would put all of my little elementary school friends to shame. You see, they all wanted to be your typical fire fighters and ballerinas. 

PPPSSSHHHHHTTTT!!!! I knew that I could not succumb to the normality of just being a fire fighter or a ballerina. I was a unique individual, therefore I needed a kick ass job to match my fantastic personality. So I pondered and pondered and pondered some more.... 

A MARINE BIOLOGIST! I had no clue what the heck that job entailed, but man did it sound cool! Yep I was going to be a marine biologist. I mean I love whales and the ocean. What could be cooler than getting to swim with animals all day? And then the whole Steve Irwin thing happened; damn dream crusher is what that was. It all became so real that, I had to swim with the animals; and that the animals could kill me. Because as cool as it is to swim in a cage surrounded by sharks, somewhere in the back of your brain you think about what would happen if the cage door opened... No more Nemo is what would happen. But being the stubborn little person I am I told myself that Steve there was an idiot, I mean he wrestled freaking crocodiles. This would never happen to me. 

Well somewhere between Marine Biologist and the Steve Irwin debacle, the sperm donor (aka male who impregnated my mother) started getting it into my brain to become a bad ass rocket scientist. It all started with my love for X-Men and the SR-71 Blackbird that their plane was modeled after. I thought of myself as Jean Grey; smart, telekinetic, and smoldering hot. Even though I was a semi chunky, glasses wearing, short blonde with miss matched clothing; in my head I was smoking. 
For those of you wondering what Jean Grey looks like. 

Well Spermy there said, "you know you are smart enough you could build a plane like that some day. You could be a rocket scientist." 

Sold. I would be the best damn rocket scientist/ marine biologist this world had ever seen. When I had my high school reunion, those bullies would be in aw of my jobs, that they would then idolize me and I would be the talk of the party. But like all dreams, it died a horrible death when I entered junior high and started Algebra. I would rather be stung by a million bees than to keep trying to do that crap. Who cares where X is and Y? (badum bum ppsshhhttt) 

But you know what was really popular in my youth... mix-tapes. OH YEEAAAA!!! I was killer at making mix-tapes, not only because I hit the song perfectly at start and at finish, but because I added my own personal flare to it. Yup.. I could become a radio dj, and mix music for all of my adoring fans out there; who had previously known me as the kick ass rocket scientist marine biologist. But that dream quickly died when nobody, and I mean nobody told me that I had a face for radio, I thought it was a job requirement. Like yea, that guy that guy has the face for radio; he knows his crap. Little did I know. 

So as I went through my short and chunky, mismatched clothing, mix-tape making days I read. Not like, school required reading either; more like finish The Deathly Hallows in two days type reading. I read so much, that my mother would purposely ground me from books to make me slow down. And when you read your imagination goes wild. Well mine must have gone bat crap crazy because I had thought of a new job title. 

Writer. Which, I guess I have never truly given up on. Writing has always been a passion that I have wanted to pursue, although the chances of actually making it as a successful writer seem to be that of the same Steve had when he was killed by that sting ray.  You never know though, I could still blow the unfortunate minds of my elementary school friends, by writing a best selling novel that stays on the NY Times list for over a year because it is riveting and mind blowing.  

What did you want to be as a kid when you grew up?

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Break Room Etiquette

When you work in an office there are specific hidden rules that everyone needs to follow. It's like the secret ninja code for office productivity. And in that code, that dictionary of office lingo, there is a whole section dedicated for the break room.

For those of you who work in a physical office, you may know what I am talking about. Unless you have never been in your office break room. If you haven't, you should. It gets pretty interesting.

Here are the basic rules to know when going dining in your company break room. 

-- Do not heat up Fish, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, or any other food that has a "distinct" odor. Why? Because then everyone else smells it for the rest of the day, and it's gross. You will be the jerk that stunk up the entire office, because you bet your bottom dollar that the odor will spread like a really bad fart. Everywhere. 

-- Don't come in and say the phrase "I know you're on lunch but..." That is just it. I am on lunch, and unless someone is dying, just don't. Think of me as the Season one Nazi Miranda Bailey when you are walking up to me in the break room. This is one of those moments when the golden rule comes into play. You wouldn't want to be bothered with work stuff, so be nice and don't bother someone else. 

-- Keep it to small talk, and short. Unless you are deliberately sitting with someone at lunch, don't strike up a conversation. Ask what they are eating, say yum, and heat up your food. Chances are what they are eating isn't nearly as yummy as yours! 

-- Be that nice person and clear the time on the microwave. Because if you don't then you get a crazy person like me in the office that glares and looks evil when she sees 28 seconds left on the microwave. 

--Your mother does not live in the office. Clean up your mess!! Be the awesome person who rinses their dishes (or washes them) before you stick it in the dishwasher. We have one person in the office who will not rinse off her coffee cup and leaves lipstick on it. The lipstick is waterproof and does not come off. We all hate said person.

Follow these five simple rules, and you will be able to eat in peace in the break room, not to mention you will have the undeniable love of your co workers. 

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Social- Summer

Morning y'all. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! I would like to take a quick moment to shamelessly promote my blog. Because that is how I roll.

One.... Follow me on Twitter. You may regret it, you may love it; but I guarantee that I will always keep it interesting. TWO! Starting today, I have put all of my sponsorship spot prices at $0. Yes you read that right Zilch, zippo, nada, nothing! All you have to do is click purchase, love, and support a fellow blog. As of right now there is no end date to when I will actually be charging, but I don't think it will be happening for a while. Now onto this social meeting on Sunday.

1) What is your best summer memory as a kid?
There is really nothing too memorable... I mean all I did during the summer was watch hours of Full House, The Cosby Show, and PBSKids and eat Ramen Noodles until I hated them. 

2) What is your favorite summer drink?
Sun Brewed Tea. Meaning teabags in that glass jug filled with water, sitting there brewing all day outside. I don't know why but it tastes different to me. Like the sun loves me and is providing me with the happiness of tea. My tea is made with love, from the sun.

3) What is your favorite summer show?
What is on during the summer... True Blood. 
Um... HOLD ON, Now I need to look it up. 

Orange is the New Black!! 
Covert Affairs
Everything else is a fall premier. Boo! 

4) What is the best summer outdoor activity?
Wait... People go outside during the summer?? For fun?? this is me: 

Here in the sunny state of Arizona, you do not do outdoor activities unless you are forced, crazy, or up at the ass crack of dawn. Most of the time your pool is going to turn to the temperature state of bath water by noon, and any water park is going to be crowded with screaming children. So I like indoor activities, like scrapbooking in an air conditioned room....... with a bunch of people going through menopause.

5) What are your summer vacation essentials?
One thing you should know is that I am literally not allowed to take a vacation during the summer. I am not to even ponder it. Work is so busy that my life pretty much revolves around it. BUT if I were to take a vacation my must haves are easy. A good book, a pair of havaana flip flops, a fruity drink, and sunscreen/tanning oil based on my already level of lobster.

Don't forget to Link up with all of the cool kids for Sunday Social! 

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Friday, May 16, 2014


There are only 238 days left until Blogcation!!! So with that I am preparing to figure out what the heck I have to spend for this excursion. I have been patiently waiting for airlines to post the dates so that I can get a rough budget of what it is going to cost me, but no such luck yet.

--So we all know that the full amount due for Blogcation is $475 per person (in my group) is due by 10/17/2014. That is 155 days. So take a day away to make sure it is in on time, and I need to save $3.25 a day (I round up). Say good by to Starbucks.

--I already have my conference ticket! So no need to freak on that!

--Now, I am going to assume that I need at least  $250 for a vacation wardrobe. Correct? Because my Pinterest board says that I need to. So it is only logical to separate out that expense.

--I need my passport, so that is roughly $165. Again rounding up for pictures and application costs.

--Then I need a flight. This is the fun one... that is going to be at least $450. Maybe a bit cheaper, but with  luggage and such, I might be short .

--Now I am an over achiever and I like to spend money on vacation, so I will need at least an additional $1250 available for misc items/ booze.

So if you have kept up:
Cruise= $475
Clothes= $250
Passport= $165
Flight= $450
Fun Money= $1250
Total= $2590

As of right now I have a dedicated $300 saved. So subtract $300 from $2590 and that is  $2290. Now I don't want to totally kill myself by trying to achieve the entire amount by October, because I live in Arizona and the typical electric bill for summer is $250 a month. So I have decided to take the total amount to Christmas. What a hell of a present right? So that means I have to save roughly $15 per day, $105 a week, or for those who like to look at the whole month $420 a month.

Man... that is a lot of dinero...I try to use mint as much as possible to keep myself on track, but after this last week I am very scared.

How are you budgeting for Blogcation?? Anyone have any tips to go on a spending freeze??

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

If I got to tell it, then I got to tell it all.

Cue the Usher... 

Confessions by Usher on Grooveshark

-- I have no motivation to be at work today. None. Which is really sad because I was motivated and working like a boss for the past two days, and now nothing. 

-- I miss working from home. For the longest time I thought that I needed the human interaction. But now that I realize I get a lot done working from home, and I don't have to deal with pardon my french moronic fucktards in person. Instead I can just mock them from a distance. I miss it so much. Pretty sure I am going to start asking if I can work from home one day a week. 

-- I seriously wanted to disable my Facebook on mothers day. I am one of 3 friends that is not married, expecting, or has had kids. I was even irritated by the parents who only had fur children. AND I AM ONE OF THEM!

-- It is going to be 104 on Friday. I love the summer. Mostly because any allergies I have disappear, my eczema clears up, I get to wear jeans to work every day, and people no longer judge me at for wanting to go to sonic at 2p for happy hour. But I am not looking forward to the electric bill that follows.

--Given that my AC gets to be turned on this weekend, I am looking for a fun new way to spice up ramen noodles... since that will be my newest source of food. Any one have any good ideas? 

--My IRL friends have been irritating me lately. They like to go out and party hard... I like to be a normal cultured adult who goes to art festivals, farmers markets, sporting events, and museums. 

--I do not drink for fun. When I am stressed, pissed, or nervous? Yes, but not because I want to go out and get drunk for no apparent reason other than to waste money. 

-- I am done with school for now. I feel like a loser because I have given up again, and everyone I know is graduating. But at the same time I cannot continue to do poorly and owe more money. I am burnt and lost. 

--I have had to look at resumes, and I found that a girl who used to work for our bank applied. Small world? Sign? 

-- I have big, BIG, BIG blog Ideas, but have no idea how to make it happen. I mean I know what I want to happen, but this is going to take more time and connections to prepare. 

--I tried to convince myself to go to the store last night to get real food for dinner. Instead I ate random frozen chicken nuggets that have been in my freezer for 3 months (or longer?) and a Infinity Chocolate Magnum Ice Cream Bar. 

--I just salivated a little typing Infinity Chocolate Magnum Ice Cream Bar.

-- There is only 240 days left till blogcation, and I spent half of my savings on my trip to Texas. Another reason to go on the top ramen diet.  

Last one and conveniently the largest.
-- I cannot understand why certain bloggers are starting petty high school drama. They are fantastic bloggers, but lately I cannot stand the whining and the twitter tantrums. COME ON! Most of us are adults, and we don't want to read negativity and "oh you know I still know what you are saying about me." Get over it! you are going to have negativity and criticism, but don't flood your feeds with that crap. I don't know whether or not it is worth it to keep those bloggers on my feed, but I do because I hope that they can figure it out and get back to the way that they were. 

What must you confess?
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


This last Thursday, I had the ultimate pleasure of going out and sort of experiencing the other side of what my company does. I handle a very small specific portion of our company, where as my boss gets to do all of the cool stuff. Like playing with 60-100k dollar cars. So when he said that I could go down to the event and hang out, I was all for it!

So bright eyed, semi attractive looking, and highly caffeinated I made the 3 hour drive from Dallas to Austin. I had music blaring, and I took the Toll road so that I didn't get lost; it was magical.

Arriving at the Circuit of the Americas, I realized just how big this course was. I keep up with a few things in the Formula 1 world, so I knew what the course was built for. BUT MAN! This track is HUGE.

Upon parking I ventured over towards our company trailer, to find one of the only other Bristol Auto Employees (there are only four of us). Instead I was greeted by a tech who was not the friendliest of the bunch, and while he made his little calls over the walkie to find my co-worker. I was able to take in the whole scene.

Cue the parade of very attractive males, who conveniently walked in with said co-worker. Not only were they attractive but all of them were the friendliest people EVER.  Granted I am the person who cuts their checks, but hey I am just the peon. They showed me around, made me coffee, and asked what exactly I did at Bristol Auto. Sad to say, half of them didn't know I existed, and all of them had no clue what I did. *le sigh* Thanks Boss.

So through out the day I was able to hang out, and take pictures. Granted I felt like an amateur next to my co workers line of photos, but in the end I love some of the photos that I did take.

The new Jaguar F-Type Coupes wrapped in the Union Jack. 

  ^^My Favorite Shot^^

All in all it was a fantastic day! Although, it would have been cool if my boss had the right days down and I was able to meet Sebastain Stan..... But, I am not holding that against him... Much. 

* A boring message from your sponsor: This Post is not affiliated or in promotion for Jaguar Land Rover of North America or any subsidiaries associated with them. All photos posted are of my own taking.

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Lesson's Learned from this week: Volume 1

 photo Thisweek_zps35e45f47.jpg
Time Zones suck....I am from Arizona, time does not change. And they are so much easier to fall into than out of. It is going to suck trying to get back on schedule in AZ.

My mother still scares me when she drives sometimes. I mean, I'm sorry mom but sometimes you worry me.

Mosquitos can hide/get into anywhere, and they still creep me out.

Apparently windows in Texas come with an extra storm window? I don't get it...

The dog can jump the fence, with ease and grace. And does, multiple times a day.

It takes 1/2 tank of gas (depending on the car) and 3 and 1/2 hours + a little bit of soul sucking traffic to get from Mesquite, TX to Austin.

Naps throughout the day are perfectly acceptable, and often needed.

Apparently sweet tea is a thing here... and it needs to not be. Sonic has killed plenty of drinks for me this week with that crap.

My one of my moms roommates is a money sucking leech, who now depends on my mother to take care of her kids, but is so crazy that she flips her lid at anything.

GPS pronounces Waco as Wacko... and it is slightly amusing.

My boss hires extremely attractive guys. Like WHOA attractive.

People thought, and still think, that I am on what they like to call a vacation. What is this vacation they speak of? Plus it never fails that one person wants to do a conference call. But said person is one of the nicest people so I accepted.

Always prepare staying at home all day with food that is not accessible to everyone. All i have is cheese its available (and I love them) because anything that I bought that was put into the kitchen is gone.

It's a King George kind of day.
All My Ex's Live in Texas by George Strait on Grooveshark

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Working from Home

If you didn't know, I never really get to take an actual vacation. Sometimes I do not mind this, but there are times were I would like to  be able to take a day off without coming in to 750 new emails. A good compromise that my boss has is that we get to work from home. Yes, I am still working but I have the freedom to work in the buff should I choose. Which I don't, but I like knowing I have the option. I thought instead of some meaningless post, I would spin this into actually working by sharing what I need when I work from home. 

I need music! 
A lot of people assume that working from home really means that you get to watch hours of TV. While you can turn on the tv, I don't recommend it. You are easily too distracted to what is going on, even if it's reruns of CSI. So turn on your ipod, stereo, or turntable to your favorite jams. It allows you to keep focus on work while still having background noise; and dance to N'Sync without being judged. 

I have to get dressed. 
Don't sit in your pajamas, it is not helping you to be a productive adult. I don't mean get business casual dressed, but take a shower and put clothes that wouldn't embarrass you to go out in.  Your production will thank you for it, and possibly the dog too. 

I always walk away. 
Don't stay glued to the computer screen all day. You don't when you are in the office, so don't at home. I suggest leaving at 10 am and 2pm, and taking a 45 to a 1 hour break. I take a nap in the morning and run an errand in the afternoon.  but I come back feeling more focused.  Plus I can spread my work out all day and feel more organized. 

A little goes a long way, in my books. 
DO NOT over compensate having to show that you are working by sending your boss an email every 15 minutes. It will annoy him or her. You know how much I have talked to mine this week? 4 texts worth, and all about our companies new Instagram page. So just don't. If they need to know what you did, make notes or a to do list and then email it to them or hold on to it until the end of the day. Do one big recap. Otherwise, they should trust you to know that you are going to do your work. 

A space of my own. 
I always need a space that is strictly dedicated to work. It needs to be comfy and away from distractions. You need a place to focus on what you are doing, so that you can get the most done while not in the office. 

Who else gets to work from home? What tips would you give? 
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Birthday Realities.

If you follow me on twitter you were witnessed to the chaos that is now known as Denver hell. If you do not then prepare yourself. 

Friday, I woke up with two hours of sleep excited to be able to see my mom for my birthday. I was packed, having borrowed a larger suitcase I knew I would be checking. I had my nips, my cell charger, and the hefty little iPad 1; I was ready. As I got to work my attitude represented that of Tigger, because 

I was almost literally bouncing off of the walls. I arrived at the airport early, got checked in and proceeded to  start drinking. In hindsight I realize that I shouldn't have stopped drinking.

Boarding the plane went smoothly. Although I was in a middle seat. We took off, and within 30 minutes I was dozing in and out. But as we got closer to Denver, some of us noticed that it was taking slightly longer to land than normal but we pushed it off. About ten minutes after we were supposed to land, the pilot comes on and says that there were microburst winds, and although they had circled the area they could not safely land the plane, and were instead landing at Colorado Springs until we could safely land in Denver. Fine, not a problem. 

An hour later, all of the people surrounding me realized that they had missed their connecting flights, although according to the flight attendants, they couldn't have landed either. WRONG! 

My connecting flight to Dallas was already half way there. So there we sat, close if not over 100 pissed off people. For 3 hours... on a plane.... About 30 minutes after I realized i had missed my connection,  I went to Twitter to voice my annoyance. 

And what happened next? Frontier actually responded and re-booked my flight! (WIN!) So while everyone else was freaking out, I was ok.

Until I was on the tarmac for more than 2 hours and my phone (the little trooper it is) was then telling me that I had 20% left. 

I had originally thought that I could be a rockstar and tough it out in the airport. But after being stuck on a plane for 3 hours and learning that I had to stay down by baggage for the night I determined that my rock star status would have to wait. But they wanted me to wait through a line to rebook and get confirmation. But since I had already been rebooked by Frontier, I sent a DM through twitter and TA DA! Confirmation was emailed to me. So I had a friend make a few calls and BAM was in a hotel prior to 11pm.

Come Birthday morning, I had had little to no sleep, yet I was on my way back to the airport at 5:30 am. I checked in, found out that my wheel to the suitcase had completely broken off (FML), and managed to get breakfast.  
It consisted of an Ice Mint Mocha with Bailey's and a sausage egg mcmuffin (not pictured). 
But here I am, finally in Dallas and working hard at hardly working. A twenty five year old... man I think I am considered an adult now. That's not cool.  But I guess the overall story to this blog post, other than to let you guys know of my shitty day, is to say that if you have a problem with a company tweet about it. Social media and image means a lot to companies now a days, and there is always someone monitoring it. Unlike the customer service lines, and really snippy attendants. 
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