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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Social

Morning y'all. I hope everyone is having a better weekend than I am. Thanks to all of the pressure in the air, and the mass amounts of fur from the Motley Crew I am on day two of a severe migraine. But we did have some crazy rain this weekend! Thankfully my house and my housesitting house had nothing bad happen other than the dish went out. I can't say the same for some parts of the valley.

Anywho let's get social! 

1. What is your favorite magazine to read? 
I honestly don't read too many magazines, I have no subscriptions. But when I do buy them it is usually Domino, DoIt Yourself, and Elle Decor. 

2.What is the best thing you have seen online lately? 
I know everyone is probably picking this one... but this silly Harry Potter girl gives one powerful speech.

3.Who is your favorite celebrity to follow on Instagram or Twitter? 
Photography wise- Patrick J. Adams (Suits)
Humor wise- Anna Kendrick

4. Is there one article of clothing no matter what season you can't help but buy? 
um.... Mossimo Red Tanks, because it pretty much works with Arizona's two seasons.

5. Do you prefer email or snail mail?
The majority of the time I prefer email. But I do like getting things other than bills in my mailbox, so snail mail is always fun to get.

Hope y'all have a fantastic Sunday! 

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Currently (vol. 4)

My apologies that this post out is so late. But I mean look at this cool/creepy fall banner. I had to make sure I got it on here. And my boss was in today so I couldn't do too much while he was here. 

Reading.. Just downloaded Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I have heard a number of good comments on it, so I thought I would give it a try. 
Listening.. I'm Not the Only One by Sam Smith

I'm Not the Only One by Sam Smith on Grooveshark

Thinking.. I epically failed at putting my posts out on time this week. I need to step up my Photography Game on here. I also need to put in some craft stuff, and actual stuff that I do when I am not staring at a computer screen, and places around the valley. I am just slacking, gah! 
Smelling.. Nothing... surprisingly no one has sprayed anything in the office. I kind of want a little Sentsy warmer in here though so that it smells pretty. 
Wishing.. I bought the winning lottery ticket. 
Hoping.. Today goes by quickly, but the weekend goes by slowly. 
Wearing.. My loose neutral color Converse shirt, black undershirt because the converse shirt is sheer enough, and Jeans. It's a very exciting (boring and comfy) outfit. 
Loving.. that my boss wants to get out of this office space, and has given me hope that we will by asking when I am going to move up to the northern area of town. 

Wanting.. a lot of things. All materialistic, expensive, and selfish. 
Needing.. Some chipotle... I think my body is going through guac withdrawals
Feeling.. Bummed about Blogcation, Happy that it is Friday, drained because I haven't gotten decent sleep and allergies, pumped because sugar, and intrigued by the audio books on Spotify. So basically all of the emotions. 

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's Thursday...

Is anyone else feeling like this week has gone on long enough? I mean why can't it be Friday already???  I think it is all just the Arizona Heat that is still getting to me. I want FALL!!!

There are two types of seasons in AZ, hot and hotter! So getting to wear fall clothes is a no go unless you go up north to Flagstaff and Sedona. But even then we have to wait for another 2 months. By then it is Christmas and you are winter clothes. Well not full winter clothes, more like fall clothes disguised as winter clothes. But right now it is still 100 degrees, no fall in sight.

So no fall weather with crisp, cold air.
No scarves, boots, or long sleeves can we wear.
In the land of sun and heat,
all we can do is have semi fall treats.
The seasons do not change,
not even the colors of leaves range.
They are still green from rain.
Man Arizona is a pain!

BAM! I'm a poet and I bet you didn't know it! Okay... I'm done.... maybe. Well this has been a slightly useless post, and I did have other posts I was going to do but they still need something to each of them and I don't have the strength to make it happen at the moment. So I am going to leave you with this picture of a puppy with a leaf, and the new T.Swift song. Because as much as I dislike her overplayed music this one is too catchy.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Coffee Talk: Starbucks Selfies and a Giveaway!

I ran into a little problem yesterday as I was trying to clean out my phone to update to the new IOS8..... I found a collection of pictures. Selfies if you would have it..... of my Starbucks cups.

Yes that's right my Starbucks cups were taking selfies with out my knowledge. Okay well it was to my knowledge because come on, they don't have arms.

But still I was on caffeine and didn't remember a thing!I was drunk...on coffee.

So let's take a look at some of these pictures they took.

Here it is the first day on the job, it was so excited.
Christmas cup! I said we weren't showing these types of pictures!! 
I mean look at this sexy Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Rraaaawwwrrr! 

Even the food takes selfies.... 

We took a selfie together, because it knew I needed a pick me up.  

But let's face it, it looks so sad without a filter.  

But so cool when it applies one... Now that, that is a good selfie.  
Here it is Blogging! I mean who knew Starbucks was a blogger?! Apparently it was a tired one to get an extra shot in. 

In order to celebrate the starting of fall and the grand return of the Starbucks Fall Latte, may I present... a STARBUCKS GIVEAWAY!!!! 

And in case you were wondering a $75 SBUX gift card gets you at least a Dozen Venti Iced Quad Pumpkin Spice Latte's, no whip. 

What is your favorite seasonal drink? Do you go to Starbucks or another coffee shop?

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Monday, September 22, 2014

A Football Me Date

There comes a point in time where people disappoint you. And by disappoint I mean become hypocritical assholes who are selfish and self-centered. 

I started this weekend by doing something I really do not like doing. I went to a crowded bar that was hosting Karaoke, and sat there listening to cats being murdered people singing. I mean I don't hate going to this type of thing, but when it's all my friends want to do almost every weekend.... I just can't. I like to hear myself talk and hear what others are saying. Hey let's throw in a classy drink with good food while we are at it. But my friends all wanted to go out, and I thought hey, I'll be cool and go out. I may have been tortured, but I knew that it might have meant something to those friends.  


Well when I scored some awesome football tickets, because I love going to sporting events; I invited my friends. To be fair, I first invited my dad because he would have died with these seats. But when he couldn't and I asked my friends, they couldn't be bothered by what I wanted. My original thought of not wanting to take them because they wouldn't appreciate them was true. They aren't as cool as you guys. 

I was told by one of said friends that I shouldn't take things so personally. 
Really??? I didn't take it personally when all you wanted to do Saturday was sleep on my couch for 3 hours because you were too hungover to do anything we had planned.
It was safe to say that I was fuming. Instead of begging people to go, I decided to say fuck it and go by myself. Sure I was wasting a ticket and it was scary as hell, but I was not going to fight with something that would upset me further. So Sunday morning I got up, did my makeup, got dressed, and headed out to Glendale, AZ to watch some football.

I was still stewing when I headed out but when I got to my seats and got into the game, I was actually glad I went by myself. 

Reasons why: 
  • I was able to walk around and find the vendors that sold Shock Top, a beer that I liked. 
  • I didn't have to search for the hard liquor vendors for tiny overpriced drinks because no one else can drink beer.
  • I was able to buy my own food with no worries about what went on it because of other peoples allergies. 
  • I didn't have to explain anything concerning the game. 
  • When I asked the hot guy next to me what a certain penalty meant it wasn't weird. I mean I was just a tiny girl by myself, and I needed help. I was a classic damsel in defense distress.
  • I could switch which teams I was routing for, with no confusion.
  • I switched teams, because well hot guy.... 
  • I got to laugh at the shit talking, and goof around with the guys without having to worry about someone getting jealous or feeling left out. 
  • I didn't have to leave the game early! 
  • I didn't have to listen to people complaining... Except for when the hot guy's team was losing.

So if any of you are scared to do things alone, don't. It can be terrifying at first but there is always a silver lining. And for those of you who have friends like mine, maybe we should find new ones.


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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Confession Session what's your mention...

Vodka and Soda

First confession, I have Conjunction Junction stuck in my head from School House Rock. Like it won't get out of my head! Isn't it the most annoying thing in the world to have a song stuck in your head and you just can't get rid of it no matter what you do? 

I feel bad for my new employee, because I have nothing for her to do. But at the same time I am jealous because then all of my posts would actually be on time this week. 

I love all of the rain that Arizona is getting, but this state needs to get it's shit together. I mean did you guys see what happened last Monday?? Only in AZ would this happen.

I went to Costco to get some basic staples for the year like toilet paper and paper towels. $136 later I only ended up with the toilet paper and a bunch of food. I bought a pack of mushrooms, because I love them that much to buy them in bulk, and they were bad. Like all of the ones under the top were covered in mold and slimy. Needless to say I will not be going to that Costco ever again.

I realized that no matter how convenient living with my grandparents is, I much rather live on my own.  It makes walking around in my undies, drinking almond milk out of the carton much more appropriate. The dog doesn't judge me. 

Speaking of the dog. I am getting ready to sell Ghillie and buy a cat! Not really, but if my dog keeps this attitude up there will be chaos. I mean what dog hides under the bed so that they don't have to go outside?

I went online to check out all of the shows that I need to set my dvr to..... Yeeeaaaa... there are 21 shows so far. Twenty one. The two shows that I am excited to watch the most are Sleepy Hollow and Gotham. 

I have tickets to the Cardinals game on Sunday, however I don't know if I want to take any of my close friends because they wouldn't appreciate it as much as I do. I mean they aren't the sportiest people in the world. This is the most challenging part of my life. 

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Social

Favorite Scent:
All time: Lemons
Candle: Lemongrass or Red Velvet Cupcake
Weird: My dogs Paws. Does anyone else have dogs whose feet smell like Fritos?

Favorite Food:
Pizza! Almost any kind of pizza, but I prefer the authentic Italian pizza. I pay extra for good pizza rather than just ordering from Pizza Hut, because no one has time for bad pizza.

Favorite sound:
I have a problem with sounds, almost like my hearing is really too sensitive. But anything too high pitch makes me tear up, and repetitive noises make me agitated. But I love the sound of wind through trees or the waves rolling in on a beach. Something about that form of white noise is calming. I am one of those weirdo's who can sit in total silence and feel completely comfortable. Unless it is a bunch of people sitting around being silent, then it's awkward.

Favorite picture on my phone:
Well crap...... y'all don't realize how many pictures I have on my phone. But I can imagine that since all of us are bloggers we have a ton of pictures. I have a lot of favorites too. But I think this one of Ghillie is pretty darn priceless. 

Best memory of the year so far:
Driving down to Austin and getting to hang out with the guys from my company at an event. I am the office person, I never get to do stuff like that so it was an amazing experience. I wish I could have gone down when my boss was there, but such is life.

Photo Taken by Me at Jaguar COTA event.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Currently (vol. 3)

Reading.. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. This book has been a long time coming and with not a lot to do this weekend, I am going to junker down and read. 
Listening.. Right now to some sweet little boxer snores, because this is early post. But music wise the new Dustin Lynch CD. I am obsessed with it! My favorite song is Halo. Have you listened to it yet? Oh and if you didn't know, Dustin is also a pre-med student. Which means he's pretty damn perfect! 
Thinking.. Let's hope this is going to be a good day and Man is it good to be home. Even if it was only for 2 days. 
Smelling.. Lemon grass! I was able to turn on my Sentsy warmer for a little bit last night. 
Wishing.. I could stay home this weekend and binge watch the shows on my DVR.
Hoping.. This season of Sons is as amazing as it premiered. Jax is a whole new form of dark and twisty, and I like it. 
Wearing.. Jeans and a tank, and soon to be a  t-shirt. 
Loving..  Coming in and having another employee there. Makes my life a little easier. And seeing new movie promos with Tom Hardy in them. 

Wanting.. Coffee and some breakfast. I am thinking Einsteins. 
Needing.. a pedicure, some wine, and some pizza. 
Feeling.. exhausted, happy, and ready for the weekend. 
Posts to Review: 


Posts I loved this week: 
IWYP By: Whitney Ellen  =My christmas presents bought. 
Sh*t My Students Say  = Best laugh I have had all week! 
The Greatest Living American = I vote for General Neyland 
If I had been Live Tweeting #applelive = Sarah was on a roll this week!
Saying Bye to Hedgie = Saying good by is hard in any situation.  

Halo by Dustin Lynch 

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Papaw's Girl

This post is going to be short and sweet just like this man. 

Happy birthday to my papaw. He may not have always been perfect, but he is the one constant man who has always been in my life. He was there for me when I was growing up, and he stood there with a brave face and solid as a rock as I was sobbing in the hospital terrified about what was happening. I am constantly learning things from him and he is always willing to help me build my crazy ideas. 

To him I give my heart, and it is he that I will always love the most.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

One Song, One Movie, and One Book

If you  were only able to listen to one song, watch one movie, or read one book for the rest of your life what would it be?

-Would you choose the hot new pop song? Or would it be the song that you danced to at your wedding? 

-Would you choose that mushy romance novel or movie that brought you to tears?

Everyone may have a a different answer; none of us have the same thought process when we are picking these things. I mean to only be able to pick one out of each is hard. Sure you can pick your favorites, but say your favorite song is MmBob by Hanson. Take it from experience, you are going to start wishing you hadn't picked it on your 30th time hearing it.

For my one song, it took me a while to narrow it down. I mean I have such a love for all things music, and have so many favorite genre's and songs that it was so incredibly hard. Do you pick the song that never ends, and let it go on and on my friends? Well I thought about all of the songs that I said are my favorites, and even went back and listened to them.

So I had to think about something that I liked and rocked out too in the car. It took a while and a lot of gas while I drove around but I narrowed it down to this one. 

I have loved Tyler's voice ever since the very first time I saw him on One Tree Hill as Chris Keller. I was able to go to one of his shows in AZ in 2012 where this photo was taken, and can't wait for his new album Indian Summer to come out. 

My one movie: Hands down, Breakfast at Tiffany's. It is one of those movies that I could watch over and over and over again, and still be completely smitten with Holly Golightly and her antics.

My one book: Please note that my choice in book does not mean that I am some crazy serial killer with a lava lamp in my room. I did have a lava lamp at one point, but that was in the late 90's early 2000's when it was cool. But my book would be The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger.  It has been one of my favorite books since freshman year of high school.

What would your one book, one movie, and one song be?

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Coffee Talk: Keurig 2.0 + K-Cup Giveaway

There are things in my home that I cannot live without. 

Running water 
A refrigerator
A microwave
My AC 
And my Keurig

Yes my coffee maker is on the list of Items that I cannot live without. Why you may ask? Well Keurigs aren't just for making coffee.You can brew a nice cup of hot water for tea, cleaning purposes, and for foods that require boiling water. If you buy Cup of Noodles by Ramen, your standard size of coffee brew is what you need to fill it off with hot water. But the main use of my Keurig is for coffee. Because as we all learned, Kylea without her coffee is not the prettiest picture in the world. 

Well my first generation, 3-4 year old Keurig is still chugging along. But since it is slowly cooling down  and fall is now in the season, it is only proper to make sure that one is equipped with a Keurig.


What would you use your new Keurig for? 
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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Social

Happy Sunday! I know I have been extremely quiet this week. I am hoping to be a little more posty the rest of the week. Especially since I have a bunch of posts already scheduled. 

5 Things you would want to know about me.
I live in Arizona and I like the summer seasons, My favorite collar is shamrock green, I love watching basketball, I am always looking at vegetarian recipes, and I love classic black and white movies.

5 favorite things I love about blogging.
  • Meeting new people from around the world.
  • Connecting with people who have similar thoughts or interests.
  • Getting to read and find new blogs.
  • Expressing your thoughts and giving yourself a voice.
  • Creating a spot that is as individual as me.

5 things I am doing before the year is over.
You mean you want me to plan stuff??
  • Go to a Cardinals and a Suns game.
  • Go to First Friday in Downtown Phoenix.
  • Helping host the biggest canned food drive in company history.
  • Donating time and money this Christmas with a local shelter.
  • Start a running schedule.

5 favorite fall fashion staples.
We don't really have a fall in Phoenix, so it would be my normal staples. 
  • Comfy jeans 
  • Simple flats 
  • A light zip up hoody 
  • Light scarves 
  • Light shirts to layer.

5 favorite beauty products
  • I am pretty light when it comes to make up, but I need a liquid foundation and loose powder.
  • Brown and neutral tone eye shadows
  • Black waterproof mascara
  • Leave in conditioner
  • Origins GinZing Eye refreshing cream (to cover the dark bags under the eyes.) 

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Monday, September 1, 2014

September Wishes

Happy Labor Day! If you were like me this morning you did a little happy dance because you didn't have to go to work. Granted a lot of my morning was spent running around from one house to another  and trying to clean as much as possible prior to my grandparents arrival back home but hey, I still haven't had to change out of my yoga pants yet.

So let's look at August's goals.

FAIL -Donate all of the clothes I do not wear. I literally have 2 closets full of clothes and yet I only wear a few things. Time to do some fall organization.
I haven't been home but to make sure my fish and the lizard haven't killed over. 

FAIL- Refinish the top to my coffee table by making it a wood top rather than glass. 
Again have not been home, thanks to my AC. 

FAIL -Buy my very own vacuum cleaner so that I do not have to keep borrowing others. And a Swifter Wet Jet, because I hate to mop and the Rubbermaid one I bought is broken. 
Because I was indecisive on what vacuum I should get.

FAIL- Send the reptile that has been chilling at my house since February (who was supposed to go to his real home in May) back to his human. I hate feeling like that thing is dead and I really want my book case back.
His human now has to find a spot for him in his apartment.... ggrrr...  

WIN- Eat all of the food that I buy. I am really REALLY bad at overbuying and letting things go bad. It needs to stop. 
BAM! I have pretty much eaten all of the food that I have purchased with the exception of the frozen stuff because well it is frozen. But there is not much of that left!  

WIN -Read more books instead of watching TV. My wonderful friend bought me a Kindle Fire HDX because I carted his butt around everywhere and made him dinner a few nights when he was working like crazy. So now I need fill up my little library and get reading!
I am counting this as a win because I have read 3 books this month. And while that doesn't seem like too much with the month I had It was plenty enough. 

FAIL- Get back to sponsoring people, I have been MIA for far to long.
Why did I put this goal down? 

FAIL- Reply back to every comment posted! 
 I missed like three or four posts that I did not reply to comments on. 

So let's see what we can do for September shall we?

Donate Clothes- I have to buy new work clothes, which means I need to donate clothes. 

Read Three books- Three seems like a good number for a month. Especially a busy one. 

Be a part of Four Giveaways- I love to give things away, but this helps cut out the I have to plan it all portion. Win, win for all.  

Eat Lunches and dinners in. Meaning no going out for lunches or dinner, unless my boss takes me. Then it is fair game. 

Post at least four times a week. Totally reachable if I schedule it out. 

What are your goals for September? 

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