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Thursday, October 24, 2013


Sometimes I read too fast for my own good. And then I finish the book.... it is stirring up emotions.... I don't know whether to throw it, cry, curse, or read it again! I can't say anything because it will ruin the entire thing for everyone. And I am just not a plot killer. BUT SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY?!??!!!! That had to happen??? UUUGGGHHHH!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


It seems like time has taken it's time today. I keep looking at the clock on the television and then checking my computer, the difference? Two hours. My body is on Texas time but my brain is on Arizona time.  So as I sit here watching NCISLA I keep having a debate on whether or not my eyes will stay open long enough to watch Sons of Anarchy or read.

But today was full of adventure. I was able to steal the car today and decided to venture out to find a Target, but not before the iPhone Maps sent me on a wild goose chase to some poor old guy's house. I managed to find yet one more thing for my Snail Mail Collective partner Jane and this!!! 

Allegiant is officially out! I couldn't wait to pick it up, so I put it in my little basket and hopped around Target with my finds. Oh and that's Lucy.... MY NEW FLUFFY UNICORN!!!!!!

I also stopped to take some pictures of some broken down county houses. Here is a preview, more to come on this. 

I have yet to discover the town of Jarrell, TX but soon my friends soon! 

Adventures at Tiger Creek

Well it has almost been an official week since I landed in Texas, and it has been an adventure so far. Managing to escape from my 9 to 5 this weekend me, my mom, and her crew of lost boys decided to see some rather large cats.

Just on the out skirts, well a 5 hour drive total for me, of Dallas in Tyler, TX is Tiger Creek  Wildlife Refuge. And if you couldn't guess by the name, it is a refuge for tigers and other big cats. So we took a tour of these gorgeous creatures, and I was beside myself on how close we were to these cats.

 Now, have you ever heard that when an animal sleeps on their backs when they are comfortable in their surroundings? Well this guy seems pretty darn comfortable!  He would just flip from side to back to side.

As for this guy... I am pretty sure he thought we were lunch!

Just kidding! Just another comfy kitty! 

These two were by far my favorite, they are also the youngest cats at the park. These one year olds fell for my moms trick, except it wasn't my mom taking the pictures. One of the lost boys in our group decided to get a different perspective, and laid down to take pictures of these two. All of a sudden these to came to life, huffing and wanting to play.

 If you are in the Dallas area and are looking for something incredible to do head over to Tiger Creek. It is a completely Non-Profit animal refuge and relies on the donations of others to keep their expanding park open. Click over here to see more information!

 That's all folks! 


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friends, Country, and Keith!

If I have not given y'all (you all) enough clues as to how much I love my country music, this post will clarify any doubts you had. 

On the beautiful evening of September 29th I was able to see one of my favorite artists. But let’s back track a bit to buying the tickets.

It was right before my birthday, so I deemed it important to buy myself the best present possible. In order to do that I joined the Keith Urban fan club to get pre-sale tickets. I sat literally glued at my desk for 4 hours waiting on live nation for these tickets to go on sale, and as they became available I impatiently tapped away at the mouse to find the best tickets. I had no such luck getting the PIT tickets that I wanted, instead having to settle for the first row of seating, or so I thought. I thought what the heck, why not try again to see what we get? I had done it at prior concerts and winded up getting better tickets. 5 seconds later I was out of my chair rapidly typing in my credit card number. I HAD PIT! 

All of my co workers would tell you that that was the most unbearable day working with me. They all secretly wanted to move my desk outside, because I was bouncing off of the walls the entire day.

Minion Audra
Back to September 29th, I sent my minion Audra to run as fast as her little boots would take her to get me close to that stage. And she did good! All night I was in music heaven listening to the artists that I admired and grown to love.

First up was Dustin Lynch (also a pre-med student). I’ll take one of these please! 

After some slight drooling on Audra's part, we had Little Big Town. A serious band with some killer vocals! This was my second time seeing them and they only get better every time. 

 He was into the concert! And threw all of us pics! 

During "Your Side of the Bed" 

Perfect rendition of the Oak Ridge Boys "Elvira" 


NOW.... Insert my single scream here, because yes I was the first to spot him.  

And only Keith can just walk out on stage, without his band, without intro, and just start playing.

NO this is not off a screen. 

Playing with Little Big Town

Now just in case you ever needed to know what kind of knickers this man wears. 

Jamming with Dustin Lynch

 Told you I was close. 

Overall I am pretty sure that this one single night made my entire year. I just sang with every song, I knew them all. I took 400 pictures and almost all of them were blurry, but It doesn't matter because I couldn't ever replace that night. He even stuck in You'll Think of Me and I cried the entire time because it is my favorite song. 

I am glad I finally got to share my amazing night with you guys! 


Life Lessons according to the FurMonsters: Flash

Flash: Persistence is Key

Keep going for the things you want in life. You want a  belly rub? You follow your human around and play dead until they succumb to your every whim and rub your freaking belly. You want a treat before the designated treat time? The tricks is to bark--- repeatedly--- until the human caves. Don't be afraid to be stubborn and persistent in acquiring the things that you want; more importantly, the things that make you happy.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Letter: 1

Many fear it, for reasons that they are intertwined with the fate of that object. Whether it is a person, place, or thing; we as humans and living objects fear the commitment of being held down. But what if the commitment is made to make us stronger? What if our interest in an item and our commitment towards it were to become one magical superhero? 

I am committing myself to this blog; to making it everything I wish and hope it could be. I am committing myself to the long hours of constructing and living that this blog is going to require. I am committed to the money, blood (figuratively), sweat, and tears that will be put into this blog. I will allow my interests to co-mingle with my commitment; allowing it to become stronger. 
I am committing to the followers to come. I am committing to them that I will reply to every comment, that I will stay positive, and that they can look to my blog for help and inspiration. 
I am committing to being the best person that I can be. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Snail Mail Collective: Part One

In September I took place in the Snail Mail Collective through Lost in Travels. I was paired with the lovely Amy from Club Narwhal. Now the idea behind snail mail collective is finding a new friend in a different area and sending them a collection of items all under $5 to inspire them and gain new friends. My only problem is the $5 budget. I never stay on budget and that my readers is a horrible thing. 
Septembers theme was "Back to School", so for Amy I put together a little survival kit. It included ABC washi tape, those uber cute pencils that we all fought over in school with erasers and pencil sharpener, Tide to Go, Hand Sanitizer, Clorox wipes (hey I had a bunch of snot nose kids at my school), Smarties, personalized sticky notes, and some cool iClip bookmarks. 

 I also decided that I hand made and written card was in order, so out came my brand new Sarita Paper Pack and this beauty was made!

The october months Snail Mail Collective has already closed but keep your eyes out for the next. 
Both Lost in Travels and Club Narwhal are in my daily reads, go check them out! 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lunch Adventures: Rocket Burger

Rocket Burger is literally a little hole in the wall restaurant in the edges of Phoenix, Arizona. Bernard and I  passed by it once and thought it looked small and sketchy so thought about skipping it and finding somewhere else. SO glad we didn't! Now you walk in and it isn't the most attractive, but it looks like a small diner. Nothing big except the AMAZING soda pop shoppe! There was literally every form of pop available and all in glass bottles. 
This was a part of their front window display. 

Now Bernard ended up being pretty plain with his, getting the standard Bacon Burger. I however, decided to live life a little more dangerously, getting the Chili Burger. I am a spice girl and as much as this was not up to my spicy chili standards it was still pretty amazing. 

 The best part of the entire lunch was getting to look and purchase some of the soda's. Combined we walked out with 6 total. My favorite buys were the old school IBC Cream Soda and Root Beer! I have yet to open them, but can only imagine they will be simply amazing!

Rocket Burger is definitely going to be on the visit again list. If you are ever in phoenix or live in here stop by and try it out. 
12038 N 35th Ave # 2, Phoenix, AZ 
(602) 993-0834 ‎ · therocketburger.com