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Friday, June 27, 2014

Why Spiders?

Why is it always spiders that sneak up on my ass in the most unsuspecting moments? I mean why can't it be butterfly's?? I am a total Ron Weasley when it comes to dealing with spiders. I run quickly, in fear. But the sad part about living by yourself, is that there is no one to wake up to kill the spider. 

So this morning I was casually looking for some shampoo because I literally ran out and did not feel like dry shampooing my hair, I went to look under my bathroom vanity minding my own darn business. Well as I started looking this eight legged, scary ass bastard dropped right in front of my face.

With him suspended in mid air, I did what any female in my situation would do. I screamed like a little girl and swatted at the air like I was magically going to kill him with my air swatting ninja skills. But Mr. Spider just pulled up onto the lip on my bathroom sink. 

Let me tell you this is the 5th spider in a month that has tried to attack me in my own home. And this morning when I realized what was happening, I didn't get scared and run for the hills. No, I got pissed because this little asshole thought he could just hide from me. Little did he know, I have seen Taken 1 & 2 Multiple times. 

So I went into my office and grabbed the necessary supplies for arachnid murder. A can of air, a flip flop, and a tissue. All of those items seemed like the equivalent of trash bags, some rope, and bleach; and all of those items would be necessary in seeking my revenge. 

Once I spotted Mr. Spider, I turned that can of air upside down, froze his little ass, and then slammed my flip flop down with the furry of a thousand suns (or is it sons?) 

I missed.

So I finally I just started randomly hitting the flip flop on the sink in several different spots. That worked. Victory was mine! 

Moral of the story? Don't be scared, and just randomly swat. In the end you will hit your target.

And because I feel pumped now and am at my physical office, I give you some slight angry music. Not hard core, but not the fluffy stuff that I have been putting on here. 

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Thursday, June 26, 2014


Happy Thursday ladies and gentledudes. This week has been full of excitement that only I could truly love. It has been boring, work consumed, and leaves me little to no time to blog. Well I would be able to blog more if I didn't take those naps everyday. And I do take a nap literally every day, like a boss. #littlekidmoment 

Well let me tell you about a really exciting story. After countless, and I mean countless, posts from other bloggers getting these magical VOX Boxes I knew I had to have one. It was my destiny to get a little box full of free goodies to try and love. So I went over to Influenster and started earning badges like no ones Business. I mean how do you accurately answer a question as to what Chocolate you love more when you love it all? 

Eventually, I received an email from Infuenster. They wanted to see if I was the right candidate for a summer box that they were doing. Well hello, I live in Arizona and it is pretty much summer all year round. So I took their little survey and then second guessed my adjective that they asked me would be the best to describe Hawaiian Tropic product. The word that I used was fragrance, so not an adjective.

But they decided to see past my horrible use of proper grammar and sent me one anyways! And I didn't even realize it, until I got it in the mail! Talk about a lovely present!

**Insert baby angel choir singing**

The first thing I did was take out that Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion and plop it on my still burnt lobster leggies. I had been using the Burts Bee's version of after sun lotion, but the smell of aloe was so overpowering that I couldn't stand it. FYI I hate the smell of aloe. But like all Hawaiian Tropics products the smell was that of coconut and heaven. That smell always makes me think of being on the beach with a fruity drink, being serenaded by Kenny Chesney.  Well I took a big ol' whiff of this after sun lotion and ultimately decided that I needed more of it so that I could take it with me to #blogcation. 

Well needless to say I was also painting my nails that night too. At first I looked at the shade of green and thought "great, another color that is going to look like vomit." But despite my first  judgement I slapped it on my nails, realizing that I should never ever give myself a manicure. With 3/4 of it on my actual skin portion of my fingers and not nails, the color ended up being really pretty. This Sinful Colors polish is more of matte type finish with a nice garden green. I would definitely use it again, given that I let a professional put it on. 

Would you be shocked if I told you that I also went to the grocery store and wound up with some Jamba Juice Smoothie kits? Because I did. But in my defense I also had to buy dog food so it was a justified trip.  I ended up using both coupons and bought Razmatazz and their green smoothy kit. I have tried the green one out, and it was amaze-balls. Plus it had the effect I wanted, grossing my friend out that I was drinking this ugly green, healthy looking smoothy. The Razmatazz is next, but if it is anything like the real thing it will be equally as amaze-balls.

Now on to the beauty of this box, the Covergirl Bombshell Curvaceous by Lash Blast Mascara! I used to watch ANTM only to say the Covergirl slogan. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful. Covergirl. *cue dramatic hair flip and eye wink* I love Covergirl products and Lash blast is one of my favorite mascara's out there. This mascara had me slightly confused at first as I almost coated my hand when taking out one of the wands. But the end result was simply amazing. No clumping, lots of volume and  it even looks good through the lenses of my glasses. The only thing I fear is the price! I have not gone down the Covergirl isle at my good friend Target yet to see what the damage is going to be, but since I know that normal Lash Blast costs me around $5 I can only imagine that this is going to be $7+. 

The last item in my super cool box was the First Aid Shot Therapy (in cherry flavor). Normally I can not drink any liquid medicine besides Robitussin, but I would imagine that the cherry flavor will help. I haven't really had a reason to need to take this yet, but with the Arizona heat I think this will be a great product to try in case I am outside in the sun for too long. Sun Strokes are serious business here. 

All in all this was a serious win for my first VOXBOX. I can't wait to get another!! 

What was your first VOXBOX? Have you signed up with Influenster yet? 

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday Wolfessionals

Well folks I hope you had a chance to watch this weeks episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf, because I am turning this Wednesday Confessional into a Wednesday Wolfessional. <— see what I did there?? Sorry I am a nerd, it keeps my life interesting. 

Not that I should have to justify it, but since the Humpday Confessionals button changed to none other than the delicious Damon Salvator (Ian Somerholder) I feel like the Sci-fi in his life needs to be represented. 

Vodka and Soda

So I must confess my thoughts on this weeks episode “Dark Moon”: 

- I love the meaning behind the Dark Moon, but I felt like there was no real grieving happening nor was there any reflection of everything that had just happened. 

- I was in such a hurry to get back from a commercial because I did not press pause on the DVR remote, that I bit into my scalding hot food and burnt the entire roof of my mouth. It hurts to eat anything now. 

- I do not like this whole Stiles has a girlfriend scenario they got going on. Not sure if it is because I want him all to myself or because it is weird that she is a were-coyote. I mean come on, a coyote? Seriously?!  

- I do however like the witty banter that Malia gives back while she is learning to become more human. I think she makes an interesting addition to the team. 

- Why is Kira still around?? And why is it that she dances like an idiot? I mean come on girl, you should know how to drop it like it’s hot. And why is it that when Malia magically touches your waist you stop having seizures and know how to shake it? Is this a foreshadowing of a different relationship? 

- Where did all of the parents go this episode? Did they really think it was a wise idea to let their 5 Teenage  kids run down to Mexico? I mean given all that has happened I wouldn’t, but that is me. 

- I think I like the way this story line is going already. 
- I am just going to say it…. 
Fuck you Kate Argent, Fuck you. How dare you turn Derek into younger HIGHLY less attractive Derek! You are just going to throw this whole season into a tizzy. 

Did you have real things that you want to confess today? Head over to Vodka and Soda and link up. 

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It's 5 O'Clock in the Morning.

And I really am awake right now. Literally typing this post. <---- that is the sleep talking. 

Well either way two giant furry beasts decided that with my alarm clock they needed to be up as well, leading me to get up. And once I am up, well I am up writing blog posts about nothing. Most of my ideas come to me as I sit there in bed before I go to sleep and then magically, pow Mr. Sandman brings me some dreams. 

So what can I write about at 5 O'Clock in the morning? 

-Well I would do a FanGirlFreakOUT about last nights Teen Wolf. But to be courteous to all of those who haven't seen it. You have until tomorrow before I lay out the spoilers. 

-I could talk about how I actually looked "smokin" on Saturday night and there were a decent amount of suitors out there that were definitely Kylea's type. 
BFF Audra and I. She is my Person. 
BUT, someone who likes to randomly decide that he has feelings for me, screws with my head, and then drops me like a sack of potatoes; well then he decided that he needed to hang all over me. Goodbye extremely hot guy with the hat on.

-I could tell you about how I totally missed the #bloggerpjparty the other day and was extremely upset about it. :( 

- I could also tell you about how I have been working until 7pm at night. But honestly who wants to hear about that?? 

- I could also tell you about  some of the conversations I have at work, because they can be not so suitable for work. That is actually a good idea...... 

- I could tell you about this awesomely awful delicious cup of coffee I made with the Starbucks Verisimo. 

All Fabulous Ideas, but it is still Five O'Clock in the morning, and I feel like getting ready for work and taking a nap. 

Have a great one readers. 

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Social

Why is sunday almost over?? I can tell you that it has been an extremely interesting weekend. One that also included my AC dying, me seeing one of my chiropractors at a bar, and me finally getting to see How to Train Your Dragon and The Veronica Mars Movie. 

Now I sit here with two of the most adorable dogs known to man kind, exhausted, and finally write this post prior to turning on True Blood. 

1. What is my Favorite scary movie? 
None... I hate scary movies, and I will not watch them. 

2. What is my favorite weird TV show that I don't think people watch?
Breaking Amish, I just love all of the drama and the way that they see English Life. Anyone else think that Katy Ann should leave the amish??

3.What is a Song that I could sing all of the words to without any music? 
Um.....Cross My Heart by George Strait is all that is coming to mind right now. 

4.What is my favorite book re-read? 
The Catcher In the Rye by J.D. Salinger or Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

5. One site that I visit more than all of the rest? 
Besides the ones for work, I think Bloglovin is the second that I go to all of the time. 

Have a good week!

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Friday, June 20, 2014

In Real Life

There are two worlds in a bloggers life. The Blog Life and Real Life. With technology sometimes those two lives get a little blurry, but there is still that fine line that separates the two. Who I am in bloglandia is slightly different than who I am in real life, and I am assuming that this statement is true with most of us.
Kylea Circa 2009

In real life, only a select few know what the address to my blog is. And until this moment it only included my mom. My older brother and more than likely my little brother know now, but honestly I don't think I mind. I'm honestly relieved that they know. These three people have always been there from start to finish.

In real life, I have a group of really close friends that I can count on one hand.

In real life, I am shy, quiet, and guarded. I stay away from large crowds because they make me anxious and nervous.  I will often be the person who doesn't speak unless spoken to, not because I am snooty but because it is literally painful and scary to me.

In real life, I am very modest and conservative.

In real life, I am  actually jealous of said brothers of mine. Matt is literally the most outgoing and social person, he got that from my mom. Plus I hear that he is an amazing cook and he did manage to steal all of the musical talent away. Michael has the biggest heart, it can be his downfall but he does truly go out of his way to help his friends. There is a lot more to him than people see.

In real life, I second guess everything. Any decision I make, anything I do at work, and any life changing decisions. I will take every moment to consider all of it before making a decision and once I do I have to question whether it was the right one.

In real life, my wallet is closed. I know I say a lot about having to save, but when it comes down to it I can be really stingy with my money.

In real life, I start a lot of things but never finish them.

In real life, I am as big of a pack rat as my parents. I keep way too much junk that I don't need.

In real life, my emotions are easily swayed. I can be a super happy person one minute and the next be so upset and frustrated that it takes out my entire day.

In real life, I am as stubborn as hell. You are not going to get me to do something I don't want to.

In real life, you burn me and then we're done. I've lost a lot of close friends and relatives because of this. But I don't want people in my life who hurt me or my family.

In real life, I really should get back to work!

What are you like in real life?

Music for the day! Sorry to any of my brothers friends who are further exploring my blog.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

#9to5totalsocial - My 9 to 5

I will not lie, it took me quite a while to decide to do this post today. In fact I had a separate post that went out today as well. So my readers you get two.

The  reason why it has taken me a while to actually decide to create this post and be a part of the link up is because I have wanted nothing more than to burn my 9 to 5 to the ground the past three days. I have gone from having a good hour to silently sobbing at my desk for two hours straight. But in an effort to remind myself why I should not quit, I thought I would share what I do.

Helene in Between

There is no easy way to describe what my actual 9 to 5 is but I will give it a try. I work for a moving company/ broker that specializes in vehicle shipments. In other words, my company moves cars. We arrange moves for  individual corporate cars for employees of places like Nvidia, Hasbro, and US Airways when they are moving one of their employees. Our company also works closely with Jaguar Land Rover of North America to help the move and management of their  event shows. Thus why I was able  to play with fancy cars in Austin.

Exhibit A: Fancy car. 
New Jaguar F-Type Coupe- Photo By Manny Mendez Photography (aka one of my coworkers who is a bad ass photographer)

My company has a total of 4 Employees. Thats right, only 4! At one point we had five but that guy was a moron and we haven't re-hired for that position yet. I report directly to the President of the company, who happens to be like an adopted dad to me. And we have two employees that are offsite working from other states. But in at any given day if I need to work from home, I can. Which makes it nice when I am off housesitting for someone with a special needs dog. 

Here is my little cubicle that I call home for 40+ hours a week. Yea it is messy, but this was during the two hours of silent sobbing. 

My job title is technically "Logistics Specialist" but it has never really been just that for the 5 years that I have worked here. I actually tried to change it to "Director of Internal Affairs" but decided that my $15 or so an hour was not enough for a director title, and "office biatch" apparently is too inappropriate to put on a business card. So are peasant and peon, by the way. At my company I handle all of our corporate account moves which average 80 vehicles a month during the slow season, pretty much everything accounting related, I act as the liaison for the HR company, and pretty much anything my boss does not want to handle. So there are a lot of hats placed on this head, and none of them are a freaking tiara.

But that is not all my friends. I know by now you are thinking one of three things: 
1.) Wait that's it? She complains way too much on Twitter for this? 
2.) HOLY COW GIRL! Do you ever get days off?? (The answer is no for the record.) 
3.) I still don't know what you do, but I really don't think that there could be more than this. 

Well I am also a part of two committees with our sister company. They are the Culture Connection (we do all of the fun stuff for birthdays, potlucks and random holidays) and the Community Involvement Team (community service and other do good/volunteer items). These take on a lot of time, and participation. Right now my focus is to put our Community Involvement Team back on track since we were forced by the executives to take a break. But together both committees take on an additional 20-30 hours a month. 

As much as I have bad days, low pay, and negative attitudes around me. I still don't think I would trade it for another job. I have thought about it once or twice, and even went as far as starting to take education classes to become a teacher. But I never have. There are always benefits that keep me coming back. 

-I get a bonus every year (whoop whoop) that is always given at the most opportune moment. 
-My boss takes me out to lunch at least once a month, and it is always somewhere good. 
-I get to see two of my best and closest friends every day! To me they are practically my cool older sisters that I never had. 
Plus we all love mustaches and making up reasons to drink. 

- My boss always is amazed when I come up with a cool Idea or app that we can all use. And I am often applauded and praised by him when I do. 
- I get to work a flexible schedule. Which means if I want to need to work I can, and sometimes from the comfort of my house. But if I have a 3 hour appointment during the middle of the day, I have no problem going to it. 
- I can work from anywhere I have phone access and an internet signal. Which allows me to go see my mom at least once a year.

So there are a few things that remind me that in the end, it can all be worth it.  I just have to work hard, and remind myself that the bad days are only few and far between. I can go places here , and better yet create where I go.

What is your #9to5 ?

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Proud Sister Moment

Pre-Warning- IF you do not know what death metal/ screamo is turn the volume down (way down) prior to watching. If you do know what death metal/screamo is and do not like it please do not watch the video as you will ultimately not like it. 

I hit a proud sister moment the other day when I realized that my brothers band Unholy Monarch had posted a video of a full version of one of their songs. And it looks professionally done compared to all of the random ones that people posted from shows. I was actually looking for  one of him and his friends goofing around  and singing the little mermaid, but this was much cooler. Although a bunch of hard core rocker dudes singing Under the Sea is pretty funny when you think about it. My older brother has always been so passionate about his music, and I am so excited to see what comes of it. I am posting this today because it does HAPPEN to be his birthday, and I have been harassing him on Facebook for the better part of the morning. All is fair in sibling love and war. 

Here is the video. My brother Matt is the guitarists standing next to Lynn (the only girl) and is also the only male guitarist with hair. 

And yes he has longer hair than most average females.
This is it french braided.
So pretty!

This is it while at a show: 
*Said for legal purposes- I have no idea who tool the photo, but left the logo. 

Another look at Matt Show Hair: 
*Again for Said for legal purposes- I have no idea who tool the photo, but it is awesome and not mine. 

This is how his coworkers see it: 
It seems pretty accurate to me. 

And it pulled up while cuddling with his "attack" dog Lyric.
Probably watching Game of Thrones..... 

Happy Birthday to the dinosaur known as my older brother! I live for the time of the year where I can make fun of you and admire you all in one day. 

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Monday, June 16, 2014

You know you are a native of Phoenix, AZ when...

-Your seats in your car, fabric or leather, are covered in towels so that you do not burn your legs. 

-You have mastered driving with either two fingers and or one hand as to limit the amount of burning that occurs.

-The seatbelt buckle is your worst enemy. 

-Any makeup or lotion you have has spf in it. 

-Flip flops are considered appropriate foot wear at all times. 

-You don't get mad when a person with their car windows down in the summer cuts you off.

-You find bathwater refreshing, because that is what the temperature of your pool water is at.

-You avoid the news to not hear about the idiots who weren't watching their kids or left their dogs in the car. 

-Your idea of going out is going to a theatre, museum, and or shopping center where they have air conditioning.  

-You go to work an hour earlier to get a covered parking spot. 

-You have a box of otterpops in your freezer at all times.

-You know how to open said otter pops with your teeth because you cannot find the scissors.

-You have tried to fry an egg on the sidewalk at least once. 

-You know where BOB is.

-The best mexican food/ hangover food restaurants end in -ertos. 

-You base daily activities that require traveling, on what time it is supposed to hit 100 degrees.

-You have to buy 20 lbs bags of ice because your ice maker isn't working fast enough.

-You put Ice in every drink.

-You only go to Sunsplash after the age of 17 to go around the lazy river.

-All you need during winter is a light jacket.

-You get excited when you hear the term "slight chance of rain".

-You take rain dances seriously and can often perform one at the drop of a hat.

-You can successfully drive  on the 60 during a torrential downpour, while going the speed limit.

-You know the areas of town to avoid starting November to May because of snowbirds.

-You are not ashamed to put aluminum foil in your windows to cut the heat down.

-You have a problem understanding what Daylight Savings is.

-You know where Snobsdale is.

-Your phones and electronics have shut down at least once because it's too hot outside.

-You have taken a hot shower by only turning on the cold water.

-You know what a bola tie is.

-You are considered weird if you drink tap water from the faucet. 

-But you have drank water from a garden hose.

-You don't wash your cars during the summer for fear of dust storms.

-Everyone runs outside to play in the rain.

- You know to avoid cops on the Reservations. 

- The term lake often is used for any body of water bigger than a swimming pool. 

How do you know you are a city native? 

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Social

What's up socialites! Hope everyone is attempting to have a peaceful weekend. I tried not to involve a lot of work into mine by almost completely disconnecting this weekend. I did however check my email and write this post. BUT! I did get to start and finish a book yesterday, while in the pool attempting to tan. I can proudly say that casper may not be jealous of my legs anymore... but sadly they look like little fat lobsters.... red, really red fat little lobsters. But they are no longer white, just stinging and hot to the touch.

This week to get Sunday Social started I wanted to give you a few of my favorite posts this week!

1. 4 favorite phone apps.
Instagram, because I love it more than the rest of my social media.
Spotify, because I can no longer listen to the radio. Plus my playlists are awesome.
Wunderlist, because it is the best little to do list that was every created and is an app that will sync with any device.
Clock, and by that I mean the actual apple iPhone clock because without it I would never get my butt out of bed in the morning.

2. 4 favorite summer TV Shows.
Suits- Excuse me while I swoon a little over Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams. I just found this on my tumblr. feed. Yes I have a tumblr. 

Covert Affairs
Teen Wolf 
Guilty pleasure watch-  Switched at Birth 

3. 4 things I would never, ever do
This is a really hard freaking question, because it really depends on the situation. I mean I am all about survival so if I have to do something to live please don't think I won't go all Daryl Dixon on you guys. But given my cushy life right now... these are things that I wouldn't do at the moment. 
-Eat a bug
-Go Streaking
-Purposefully kill another living thing (minus bugs). 
-Touch, hold, own, or even get close to a snake. NUH UH NO WAY! Consider me either dead or a freaking bird if I get stuck in a pit with those things. I even have a really hard time with lizards, because they are just snakes with legs, which makes them more crafty. 

4. 4 things I carry on me no matter what.
ID and Debit card
Hair tie

5. 4 Blogs you should follow.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Perks of Hiring a Pet Sitter.

This post is completely inspired by the post Blogger Perks from Venus Trapped in Mars

If you didn't know, my road to blogging actually began as a diary of sorts on my adventures as a pet sitter. At the time of my first blogs birth I was frequently sitting for a family who was undergoing a complete home renovation, while they had 2 brand new puppies, a turtle, and a tank of really aggressive fish. And by home renovation I mean crawling over rolls of carpet to get to bed, having to use a construction lamp as a bathroom light, and having everything I own slightly covered in drywall dust. While I never really posted about the craziness of what was happening, I still thought that what I was going through was just a part of the job. 

I took pet sitting to a whole new level and started taking on clientele like no ones business. That is when I found Rover.com. A place for people to find pet sitters and for pet sitters to post availability. While I never really took advantage of it, I still had a solid clientele of 9 homes. Why? Because I charge a base of $20 a day, no matter the amount, size, breed, or medical needs of animals. And I stay at the persons house, overnight.

So here are the advantages of hiring a pet sitter to come and stay at your house.

This is Charlie, one of the fur children I watch. He is also diabetic and requires insulin shots that I personally give him twice a day. 

- You pay less hiring an individual.
I did some research on this while I was going through my lets make this a business phase. In Phoenix alone a housesitting/ petsitting company can cost $10-$15 for per visit and $75 or $15 an hour for an overnight.

** Visits range from 30 minutes to 2 hours based on need and only often include a feeding, time for the pet outside and a little bit of play time. Any other requests are additional.

**Overnights are when the person actually stays at your house. Companies will only provide an 8- 10 hour stay (6pm-6am).

I only charge $20 per day, which is on the lower end of the pay scale. But I have seen it only go as high as $25 based on how far you are from the individual staying at your house.

For people who Board..... I have seen so many conversations that include you paying $20,$25, or even more per day per dog. And that does not include any extra play time or shots that you conveniently need for them to be there. And that isn't the price for a boarding place that isn't a free roaming.If you have found one that cheap then Kudos, because there are none in AZ.  Plus you have to drop them off and pick them up, talk about an inconvenience right there.

Girls go hire a pet sitter. Your bank account and pets will thank you. 

- Your pets life is not interrupted.
Do your dogs act weird when they come home from the boarders? It's because they are cooped up all day. Dogs aren't meant to be stuck in a kennel all day and only let out to play for a certain amount of time. They need their own home and environment. That is what they get when you hire a pet sitter. Someone to keep them at home, pet them feed them, and provide and endless supply of belly rubs. 

When you have someone who is dedicated to your little fur children, they are there for them. How exactly? Well: 
  • I change my work schedule to adapt with my house sitting clients and their pets schedules. 
  • I walk three dogs at a time, every day because they need to be. 
  • You don't let your dogs out past 7pm because they bark? Well I am there to make sure that your neighbors are happy campers by making sure they are in and settled. 
  • Have a GIANT salt water fish tank? Well you bet your bottom dollar I am going to do more research than you did to learn how to care for them. 
  • Do you have a dog with special needs or eating requirements? I will literally come over every night for a week to get it down. 
A dedicated petsitter does all of that. 

This is what it looks like when I feed Sir Charlie every morning at 8:45 and every night 6:45. The other plate which is his brothers only gets 1/8 of the in ingredients on the counter. 

-You get extra services for Free. 
Individual sitters like myself tend to go the extra mile for you. In any given day I do the following: 
  • Get mail
  • Water plants
  • Do dishes
  • Wash sheets and towels
  • Clean the pool
  • Take out trash bins. 
I do all of this because I am pretty much living at your house while you are away, and I want you to come home to the way you left it or better. The only thing I ask for in return is your wifi password. 

So as a petsitter, I URGE all fur parents to go to Rover.com and look into hiring a petsitter. They aren't all like me, but you can see their reviews, see if they are certified in anything (CPR,Insurance, National Organizations, Ect.), and see their availability. A lot of sitters will also meet you and your kids before your trip, so if you decide that they won't work then you can keep looking. 

If you don't want to scour the internet, ask people at work, church, or family if they have a person they would recommend. All of my clients are ones that I received from word of mouth. They have all become a part of my family, and I theirs. These pets are a part of the Company in Kylea & Company. There is one person in your group who knows a person, who knows a person. You just need to ask. 

So please stop paying painful boarding bills. It is upsetting and makes me want to ugly cry. 

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Social!

Good Morning Everyone! Do we all have our coffee?? Yes? I have had 2 cups already! 

Following the theme of Social! 

One blog I am absolutely smitten with Brianne of My Life As... and one blog you should definitely follow is Shana from Organized Chaos . These girls are ACA-AWESOME! 

1. When do I take time for me? 
Every weekend. Well during the summer not so much because after this post I am going to start working so that I am not too far behind this week with notifications and accounting stuff. But I do try and put aside time every weekend to unwind and disconnect from the world. I try to get blog posts in, scheduled, and posted and I also use the time to try and learn something new or find new blogs to follow. I also get an extreme amount of housework done on the weekends! Sounds silly but there is nothing more calming to me than cleaning the crap out of my house. 

2.What do I find my biggest weakness to be? 
Procrastination. I wait until the last minute every time, and that is my biggest fault. If we are talking like my kryptonite.....Iced coffee. It has taken me everything in my power not to cave and go to Starbucks for my Venti Iced Quad Hazelnut Machiatto, and I can never make iced coffee right at home. But mainly my weakness is procrastination. 

3. Biggest Attribute? 
I think this can be a weakness and an attribute, but I care too much. I care about what people are doing, what they think, and generally I care about my friends a lot. I am the type of person who if we are really good friends, will jump in front of bullets and cars to save you. When it's someones birthday or a special occasion I try to go all out or do something incredibly special for that person that I know only I can do. 

4.What is my favorite place to shop online? 
Amazon. I am a Prime member for a reason, 2 day shiipppiiiinnngggg!!!! Plus I can practically find anything I want on there. 

5.Where is my favorite place to kill time? 
Target or a bookstore. It is also a great place to kill your bank account should you chose to buy stuff. Which really isn't a choice in either instances. 

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Dear Friday, I love you.

Dear Friday,

Today is going to be filled with mixed emotions. One because I am super happy that it is Friday, but two because I can already tell that this is going to be a stupid day. But hey, we made it to this grand day right? I can make it through..... I hope.

Dear Coworkers,

And let me follow that by this. 

Dear Readers, Sorry I saw an opportune moment to put in some Veronica Mars in this post. And one can never go wrong with Veronica Mars. Dear Electric Bill, You went down a little! Granted for about 4 hours it is hotter than balls in my house,  but you my dear little electric bill went down! There is hope I won't be completely broke after all. Dear iPhone, I finally broke down and bought you a case..... I hope you like it, but don't get comfortable because I found a Harry Potter one that would suit your sense of adventure better. Dear Scale, start telling me lies. The truth hurts so much. Dear Brain, Play nice with others today. MKAY? Thanks! Dear Americans, Thank you for coming up with ridiculous holidays that we all support because it involves food. Happy National Doughnut Day Y'all! 

And to complete this Random Post for some to enjoy, here is a song that I have recently been jamming to over here in my little cubicle world! All because I watched a random documentary on the making of American Idiot on Broadway, and this version of the song gives me chills.

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hollow City {A Review}

Hollow City is the second novel in the Miss Peregrines Peculiar Children series. After I had been stuck in a car for over 2 hours, I begged my mom (only slightly) to stop at Walmart so that I could get a book to read on our drive from Tennessee to Ohio. As I walked through the short isle of books, I came across Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children a book I had heard was a best seller. Needless to say four hours later and that book was toast! It was so thrilling, so engaging, and definitely not what I expected for a YA novel.  Hollow City was the same way. 

Favorite Character: Millard Nullings 
Millard is a character that has the peculiar power is invisibility. He is completely head to toe invisible, and is often disappearing through the books. But in this book we see much more to him, we see the mentor in him. He helps a newly found peculiar that is going through the same fate as Millard. 

My thoughts: 
I knew that this would be as gripping as the first, and boy was I right. There were a few slower moments like any book, but all in all the book was full of great detail. Best of yet, it leaves off at the perfect ending, leaving room for a third book. I don't want to reveal too much of the book because it would give away too much of the first book. Bonus Ransom Riggs finds the photos in the books and matches them with the story. 

GoodReads Synopsis: 
The extraordinary journey that began in Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children continues as Jacob Portman and his newfound friends journey to London the peculiar capital of the world. But in this war-torn city, hideous surprises lurk around every corner. Like its predecessor, this second novel in the Peculiar Children series blends thrilling fantasy with never-before-published vintage photography to create a one-of-a-kind reacting experience.

Read both books! You won't regret it. 

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Can we just shut off the lights?

Happy Wednesday to all.

Arizona is a bright state, most of the day you can walk around the house without turning a light on. Well that is the case in my office too. We literally have huge picture windows everywhere that allow sunlight to come in. Yet we are using the inside lights. 

The inside lights hurt they eyes of anyone wearing contacts, and that is half of the office including myself. So to help with the light we sit here with our sunglasses on looking like ballers. Can we just shut off half of the lights? Preferably the ones over my desk??

I think my boss realized how busy I can get sometimes because he has stopped asking when I am hiring someone. But he has not taken me to lunch in over a month and I may or may not be sad about that. We always go to the best spots for lunch. 

I was in an extremely good mood yesterday until all of the grumpy people came in. Why are bad moods contagious? I just wanted to walk around and be like "hey cheer up, look at this cute puppy."
Such a cute lil puppy he is. I just want to hug him and squeeze him and call him George. 

 Even my boss was in a good mood until he got here. I think this is a sign that we need our own office space. I think it would be grand, because I would get to decide what goes in it!

Enough about work though, y'all don't want to hear about my boring 9-5. Well ok, this is a thing that my girls at work want to do so it is slightly connected with work. But I need the help of my bloglandia friends on this one. 

Friends V & A have decided that they are going to date vicariously through me. How? By creating a profile for me on Plenty of Fish (?) and "slutting/dolling" me up and then weeding through the matches or hits that I get and setting me up. Does anyone else feel like this is a really, really bad idea? 


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