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Friday, April 17, 2015

Using A Standing Desk Two Months Later

It currently is a lot cleaner right now!

A little over 2 months ago I shared my DIY build for a standing desk. During this time there have been a few ups and downs that I wanted to share with you, just in case you wanted to build your own.

What I love:

-More space! There is a lot more space now that my monitor, keyboard and mouse have their very own home. There is a ton of space under that keeps my desk clean looking. 

-No more sticky note murder. When I built them, I picked out the white glossy tables knowing that I would use them as a whiteboard. I write notes on them all the time, and if I need the note I just take a picture of it on my phone and email it to myself. My boss will even leave messages for me rather than emailing me or using digging around to find a sticky note, which he loves! 

-No more back pain! My back was really starting to kill me after sitting all day and then going home to sit. I had no energy, and no focus. I am 25! There was really no reason for me to feel so crappy. But with a standing desk, it has helped get rid of back pain, gets me up and moving, and I feel really good going home and relaxing.

-It inspired others to start asking for one. Others saw my little creation and started to ask if they could do the same. So when the presidents of 2 different companies saw it, they agreed that they needed to spend the money on getting standing desks. 

What I have not liked so much: 

- The shelf fell down. And by down I mean off! The way it was put together, the shelf easily detached from the base and now I am using a stool to temporarily hold my keyboard while I find a permanent solution to fix my other.

-Never being able to sit. There are days when mother nature needs me to sit, but with this form I cannot sit without it being uncomfortable and awful.

-Seeing everyone in my office. I love people in my offices but it really is weird being able to watch their every move from their desk to the bathroom. Talk about awkward.

The pro's really outweigh the cons, and I do really love my standing desk. But there are a number of ways that I want to improve it.

Have you tried to do your own standing desk? 

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  1. I think that having a standing desk would be fun, but I would want the option to be able to easily transition to sit too. It would really be cool to have a treadmill or something attached to a standing desk!