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Monday, March 16, 2015

Random Letters

My WTF Hair look because it does what it wants. 

Dear Monday, So we meet again. I hope this week you can behave yourself and we don't have to have a few choice words with each other. Especially come the Friday timeframe, like you did this last week. That was crap! Dear Spring Break, If only I were doing the typical college student action right now by heading to some cancun resort and getting trashed. But alas, that will not happen. Dear Coworkers, For being in cool places like Amelia Island Concours and #SXSW you guys suck for updating our social media. I mean seriously?? Some of us would kill to be at #SXSW so feel lucky that you are not stuck in a cubicle. Dear iPhone, I worry about your life with your moving screen. I mean, I know that I've dropped you a time or two but this is serious. Dear Serial, Please come back with new episodes! Pretty pretty please!!! Dear Microsoft, Can you make a decent  Nokia Windows phone for Verizon so that I can convert. Dear Laundry, Go do your own self! GAH! Dear Revenge, Good choice on adding more hot guys to the playlist. This Ben guy is delicious! Dear Hair, Never again are we going that short because this styling thing is harder than the basic chin length. I mean you do what you want, you won't stay in the bobby pins, and trying to blow dry you screws with my entire process, because then it looks like a lion mane gone wrong. 

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

30 by 30 and Some Cash!

Today is a big day!
One it's Thursday, which happens to actually be my favorite day of the week. (Shhh don't tell Friday!) Two it's my 6 years at my job, which for a 25 year old, kinda feels like a big deal. Three, it's SOMEONE'S 30th birthday!

And by someone I mean the wonderful Miss Heather at My Little HEA! Today is her birthday!! I had the pleasure of being introduced to Heather through Blogcation. Though Blogcation didn't happen and we may not have all been able to bask in the wonderful tropics, I did get something from Blogcation; three amazing friends including Heather. 

Heather had a 30 things to do by 30 bucket list, and got a lot of it done! It's so exciting to go into milestone years and know that you accomplished something that meant so much. So though this may be cheating because I will have a little more time than she will to finish, I want to do my own 30 by 30. But I run on Kylea Standard Time, so that might just be enough to get all of it done.

1. Pay off my car! I have a little over a year left since a few things didn't pan out the way I wanted them to, but this is my top goal. 
2. Get a degree, in something! I just hope to know what I want to be when I grow up by 30.
3. Pay off all of my debt. This is a grueling task since I may not have any credit cards, but I do have a mountain of student loans. 
4.Visit 5 new states. 
5. Read 120 new books.
6. Go out of the Country!
7. Get Passport - May be slightly cheating, but after I knew Blogcation was done, I didn't end up getting mine. 
8.Have a tea party.
9. Make a big change. I know this is vague but change is terrifying to me, so when it happens I will know it. 
10. Go on a Spur of the moment vacation. Like pack a bag and go, no planning. 
11. Successfully run a full 5k without walking at any point.
12. Go on a cruise. 
13.Give 100% tip.
14.Meet 5 other bloggers in real life outside of a conference.  
15. Get to 1000 blog posts. 
16. Learn another language.
17. Write a book. 
18. Do an open mic night at a comedy club.
19. Live in a Tiny House for at least a month, to see if I really have the chops.
20. Go to a Music Festival
21. Get in a food fight
22. Make my own bottle of wine. 
23. Get my scrapbooks completely caught up.
24. Go an entire week off the grid. Because I don't thing I could do any more than that. 
25. Hike the Grand Canyon 
26. Pay someone else's dining bill
27. Do a Selfie 365 project.
28. Send 20 hand written letters.
29. Start a journal and finish it. 
30. Go on a blind date. 

There is a lot here to make me step out of my box in this list, but I think that may be the most comforting feeling.


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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Humpday Confessional

I am happier than a camel today, because the week is almost ovah! I mean it has been a trying week already, and it's only Wednesday so imagine how it is going to be for the rest of the week.

- My Marketing in Social Media Class is too easy. I mean I have my homework for the next 5 weeks done because in my mind it needed to be done on week two when I set up Life After 5. And when you take a quiz in 30 seconds and get 100% it has to mean something. The only thing that I am still stuck on is SEO because we only spent an hour on it. I know this whole scenario is a first world problem, but still.

- #wcw to me means Water, Coffee, and Wine. Because those will be all of the liquids I will be consuming today! There is a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio and a Cab Sav sitting in my fridge begging for me to set them free!

- Chicago PD will be the only show that I am totally current on, because I CANNOT miss an episode. Did anyone else realize that Ruzek is Jeremiah from The Princess Diaries?

Now you know.

- I totally FanGirled and obsessed over the new Game Of Thrones poster. I mean can it be April 12th?!I mean look at this Bad Assery! <-- Yes I count that as a word. I also watched all of the available trailers for it and recaps of last season.

- I did absolutely nothing for my last Influenster VoxBox but take the survey and yet I am getting more VoxBox opportunities than I ever have before. I mean there is no logic to this site sometimes! Does anyone else have the problem where they go months with out even getting a word from them and then out of no where you have three opportunities that don't really work with you?

- Llamas were all the rage last week, when two got loose in Sun City, AZ. So of course being from AZ all of my friends were posting about this llama, so I started messaging and commenting with  The Emperor's New Groove Comments. And because I was doing that, I had the sudden urge to watch The Emperors New Groove. So I did and I loved every second.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

March Goals

It feels criminal for it to already be March! Only 2 short months away and I will be 26, in 3 days I will have worked at my current job for 6 very long years, and it is 9 months till Christmas. And with it being a Monday, it feels just as criminal that the weekend ended so quickly. 

March Goals:

1.)Spending Freeze: this started on Saturday though I did spend an unnecessary $10 on lunch and Redbox movies. But for the most part I did well grocery shopping and not spending money on anything that wasn't on my approved list.

2.)Order Contacts! It is on my approved list to order contacts, because I need them.

3.) Post 12 new posts. I know that this seems like a low number but with running 2 different blogs, it feels like a good place to start. 

4.) Bring my lunch to work all month. This was the main reason to do a spending freeze, I mean last week alone I think I spent $60 on going out to lunch. So I stocked up on enough Lean Cuisine's to last me a couple weeks until I have to go shopping again.

5.) Clean up my Living Room. It is pretty much where I live, because it is the only room I have a working TV in. So needless to say it is messy, and I really need to deep clean. 

6.) Re-Organize My Closet. I have seen quite a few other posts about reorganizing closets, and it has me inspired to do the same with mine. It could definitely use it.
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