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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Social

Happy Sunday everyone. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend thus far. Right at this moment I am either going to be on a roof trying to put a new one on or sitting on my couch doing mass amounts of homework.Either way this post is not being written on Sunday. Please don't judge... 
What is my ideal way to relax? Well I guess it depends on what kind of week it has been. Relaxing for me can be as simple as going on a drive or reading a book. But if it has been a rough week, then I binge eat on really crappy junk food and watch countless hours of Netflix or HBO.
Where is my favorite place to be? As cliche as this sounds, sitting on  beach with my butt in the sand. Listening to the thunderous, roll of the waves and the silence of everything around me; it's clarifying.  
Who is my biggest role model? This is honestly a tough one. I think that through different times of my life I have had a major role model. But these people are just that, people. They will disappoint you and then they are no longer your role models. Call me crazy but that is how I see it. 
What does my life look like in three years? Well hopefully I have a significant other. But if not, I hope to have a job that pays a decent amount, Blog famous, and have a cute little bungalow home with my fantastic game back yard. 
If I could go back and change one decision what would it be? If I could go back it would be to not change my degree so many times. I would have been done and motivated to get my masters. Now I am not even motivated to finish my mast year and I only have eight classes left. 
What is my biggest accomplishment in life? My biggest accomplishment in life...... I am still living so I am not sure. This week it was deciding to give away an iPad Mini.  My biggest accomplishment today is surviving this long without coffee. Speaking of which, time to go motivated the blood cells. 
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Why aren't Minions real?

Wouldn't life be simpler with a bunch of little Minions running around? I mean look at me, wouldn't I make the perfect minion owner? 

I think I would. I mean there are certain qualifications that a person has to go through to own a minion. And please don't get my human sidekicks confused for minions. I want the little yellow, twinkie looking minions with simplistic names like Dave, Kevin and Stuart. 

I have a license plate that clearly states that I am an Evil Villain. You would think that minions would want to run to my car upon first sight! It is the homing beacon for those precious little guys. 

Exhibit one: 

So where are my minions?? There are none following me around, cleaning the house, or  to play golf with. I think it would be a great game of golf with a  foursome of minions. Plus I could drink a mass amount of alcohol and not have to drive the cart. But alas, I have no minions. 

I even have the standard minion sidekicks. A scary looking dog and a fluffy unicorn. 

Exhibit B: Scary looking dog that will eat anything. 

Exhibit C: Fluffy Unicorn 

If anyone knows where I can purchase some minions, please let me know. I know I would be a swell Evil Villain and they would be well taken care of. 
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Friday, March 28, 2014

Batter Up!!

Spring training is officially over here in Phoenix, so I no longer have to worry about traffic around the valley. But BOB (Chase Field) is literally walking distance from my office, making it easy for me to pop over to a game after work. YIPPEE!!! Now I know that I said I love basketball, but honestly who doesn't love baseball?! If you don't let me give you five simple reasons to love baseball with the help of one of the best baseball movies around. 

1) People watching: Baseball is fantastic for people watching! There are literally people from all aspects of life there, and you can see so so much. Plus the number of attractive guys who go to baseball games is endless. Plus there are extremely attractive players, so it is a win win when it comes to eye candy. 
I mean what girl didn't think Benny the Jet Rodriguez was a total dream boat? Le Sigh...

2) The Food: calories don't count at baseball games! Get a beer, a hot dog, and a bag of peanuts  because they are the best at a ball game! It is the only time I typically eat a hotdog, because somehow they magically taste better at a ball game. And when that guy comes walking up and down the isle with cotton candy, cracker jacks, or giant cookies don't deny yourself the pleasure of a sweet treat. The best is when you bring in your own bag of peanuts or sunflower seeds. ENDLESS snack food right there. 
3) Accessorize!: Ladies this is the one time where no one will judge you for wearing a baseball hat, a mustard stained t-shirt (from the hot dog) and your favorite pair of chuck tailors. You want to know why? Because no one cares, we are too busy watching the game! However, we will judge you if you show up with a flat brimmed hat or in your pajama pants. Just no..
4) Easiest sport to understand: Now if you didn't grow up around the dugout because your dad coached league ball like I did, have no fear! It is possibly the easiest game to pick up on. And if you are still having problems ask the Hottie McHotterson sitting next to you, baseball fans are very understanding. Unless you are rooting for the opposing team, then just pretend you know what your watching.  
5) The Lingo: I am not completely sure this is still in effect, but I still adhere to the baseball lingo traditions. And if you trash talk the other team no one is going to stop you... except if it is the home team.

Link up for a special edition Opening Day Fan Friday with Venus Trapped in Mars. And if you are in AZ don't forget the D-Backs opening game against the Cubbies today!

One last gif for the road and to match my #backthatazzup song of the week

This Magic Moment by The Drifters on Grooveshark
Venus Trapped in Mars
Don't forget to get in your entries for my 100 post giveaway to win an iPad Mini! 
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's the Mini things in life....

  • The Number of Posts I have now written. 
  • The number of times I am going to look at all of my social media today. 
  • The number of tweet shout outs that I am hoping to get. 
I am at 100. Oh what an adventure this blogging world has led me on. I am getting to go on a fabulous vacation with some of my idols. I have had constant support from people I have never met. And I have grown as a person, accepting love from everyone, and stretching my internal boundaries. 
I have attempted to blog anywhere and anytime that I can, but I have problems lugging my macbook around. Does anyone else have that problem???
 If only we had something small to fit in our purse to blog on and take pictures with. Like an iPad Mini. 
WAIT you can! Since it is my 100th post I thought I would start it off with a bang. So I decided to do my first giveaway. And what better way than to give y'all a tool that you can use to gain inspiration, relax, and just have fun! 
So here I am giving away an iPad Mini PLUS this uber cute case!! Because you have to have a case!

So what are you waiting for?? 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

For those who choose to buy a Sponsorship use the code TheMiniThings to get 50% during the time of the giveaway. 
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dear Wednesday, I must confess....

Dear Wednesday, I feel that these letters needed to come earlier than Friday. Wednesday you are my beacon of hope, the sign that the weekend with all it's glory is coming. Plus I love walking up to co workers asking if they know what day it is like the camel. WHOOT WHOOT! Dear stomach, please stop trying to kill me. My wisdom teeth are already assigned to that job and I really don't need both of you working on it. I would love to eat today and you both are making it impossible. Dear applicants, you should have all used spell check before you sent your resume. I am a #grammarnazi and just slaughtered your resumes with red pen.  Dear boss, you asked for social media. I have a feeling you are going to get more than you bargained for.  Dear person living in my house, Hope you aren't getting too comfy because I am already planning to completely overhall that room you are in when you leave. Dear future boyfriend, where the hell are you? Dear readers, My true confession is that I created this post so that I could get to the 100 post mark tomorrow. I have a fantastic first giveaway for everyone and I am probably out doing myself. I also wanted to give you a list of posts recently that have inspired me to continue on this blogging quest and to start posting not only more steadily, but a little more raw as well. 
The Ten Best Tools for Bloggers by Living in Yellow. I love seeing the other tools that bloggers use and find helpful. And when I see stuff that we both use it makes me feel like I am doing the right thing; even though I don't think that there is a wrong way. 
What does being brave mean to you? by Sarah with Venus Trapped in Mars. I think that we are all still looking for what brave means. But it is worth the fear to find out. #beingbrave 
Going on a date with yourself by Young and Fabulous. We forget that sometimes going on self dates are the best. If you haven't gone to the movies by yourself, you need to. It's not so scary when you realize that you have a whole bag of popcorn to yourself with a package of redvines. The concession stand employees don't judge. 
It's not giving up. by Hey Kai. Sometimes I forget that I have Ghillie and that I housesit at the same time, and I think that I need another pet. Kai helped put me into perspective of what is important when thinking of my boxers needs. 
An Important Update About Blogcation by Two Thirds Hazel. GUYS!!! 289 days left. This post just made me happier than Vector with a box of coconutties. Hell it made me happier Agnes with a Fluffy Unicorn. 
An Unknown Takeover by Debs Photo Zoo (AKA my mom). Why yes I am your favorite child. I am glad you let me explain why. 
The Hump Day Blog Hop
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Man Crush Monday

I think we all know who this man crush Monday is about, don't we ladies? I mean this entire weekend has been buzzin with this boys name. 

Theo.... Le Sigh. 

If you don't remember me ever talking about him before then it is because it was on my original blog before I became cool and started actually posting stuff. If you are now curious check it out here. Please remember that I have been waiting for divergent to come out since well, book one. And I found that while his accent was a bit off in the movie, I don't think they could have picked a better Four. Very few could have pulled off tall, dark, handsome, and tortured. 

 Now what makes this male species qualify for the next Sexiest Man Alive issue. Well let's look at the facts: 
One: The man looks good in a suit. I mean this for me is a winning quality right here. Some guys are just not suit guys. But then you have guys like Joseph Gordon Levitt and Theo James, that if given the right suit could take over the world. 

Two: He is British, he has an accent, and anyone who denies that formal british accents aren't sexy as hell can get off my page. Well no keep reading, but just know any argument you have against it are invalid. 

Yeaaahhh.... You're welcome. 

Mr James was also in a small tv series (that still holds a spot on my DVR) Golden Boy, AND was also a kick ass vampire (none of that glittery bull crap) in the last Underworld movie. He is gorgeous in all of them, and I want to have his children. Just throwing that out there. 

If you guys haven't checked out Divergent yet you should. The movie actually follows along to the details of the book quite well, and there was only one moment where I was lost because of a difference. But all in all I was more impresses with the attention to detail of Divergent than I was with the Hunger Games. 

On a side note: COME ON 10pm! Season finale of Teen Wolf is on tonight! 

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

They come in Threes: Sunday Social

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope y'all have your coffee cups in hand filled to the brim and are happily skimming through link ups. Let's get social this Sunday. 

Top three things I can't go a day without doing: 
Taking a shower and washing my hair. I know washing your hair every day is not healthy but I just can't. 

Checking my email, facebook, and, all other forms of social media. I even check my work email. I don's know why but I am not able to shut it off and disconnect. 

Sleeping. I have tried to pull all nighters and such but I need to sleep. I get really cranky if I don't. 

3 Things that scare you the most. 
Close spaces
Someone breaking into my house

3 Places that I want to see before I kick the bucket. 
Barcelona, Spain 

The Imperial Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia

Tunnel of Love in Kleven, Ukraine

3 Movies I will always love. 
Breakfast at Tiffany's 
The Breakfast Club 
The Little Mermaid 

3 current favorite songs: 
Come With Me Now by KONGOS on Grooveshark
Rewind by Rascal Flatts on Grooveshark
All of Me by John Legend on Grooveshark
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Friday, March 21, 2014

March Madness Chaos

Fact #3851 about Kylea: I really, REALLY love to watch basketball. Granted, watching it on TV is a tad bit more boring than seeing it court side with free wine (thank you corporate seats!) but none the less, I love it. My inner sports maniac comes put and I start yelling at players and referees. Meanwhile my friends are looking at me like I am turning into a big hulking green monster. I get completely involved with the crappy calls and have even impressed a few guys with my hulk anger at bogus calls.
I have never been a basketball watching, loving type of girl. Baseball yes, basketball not so much. But thanks to some explanations from an Ex of mine, I grew to love it. And then hate it when Steve Nash went to the freaking Lakers; AKA our mortal enemies, but not as badly as the San Antonio Spurs shitty cry babies from San Antonio, TX though. But I am back to my roots of wishing that I could go to more games each season, but instead I have to live vicariously through recaps on ESPN.
Now in March you have what is known as March Madness. I won't lie I have only known what the heck it is for about 4 years now. For a long time I thought the term was used for people who had a severe case of road rage here in AZ because the snow birds were still here. Not the case, I found out. For those of you who hadn't figured it out, it is a competition for the Colleges (NCAA) to find a champion. Basically the massive playoffs for college basketball.
Well with March Madness comes the pools, and in our office one person runs the pool. Well this year that person is ME! Now what does that mean? Well it means I've had the excuse to watch ESPN all day to keep track of what teams win.
So here I am watching Basket Ball working while keeping an eye on the scores. Wishing I had a cold beer, a beer-garita, or some wine.... and some nacho's. Definitely some nachos.  Sounds legit right?
Here is some music to get you in the basketball mood.

Space Jam (album version) by Quad City DJ's on Grooveshark

Venus Trapped in Mars

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

If I could not fail...

Thanks to the beautiful Jordan for creating this linkup, I hope every one joins in on the fun. 

When it comes to our dreams, the one thing that stops us from pursuing them is the thought of failure. We break out of our fears to accomplish a few dreams, but there are still a few that we would not do. In my case it would be due to the fact that my income would not allow for it. But what if that didn't matter?  So today's mind provoking thought is; what would you do if you couldn't fail? 

-I would teach junior high science for three years for free. Yea I said for free. I believe education is the most important thing that anyone can give to a child. Teachers are the strongest people I know, and their passion and compassion for their students is unbreakable. Plus I want to own an Iguana and dress up like Ms. Frizzle every year for halloween. 

-I would open my own bakery, that would specialize in alcohol infused treats. In AZ there are only two places that you can put that kind of bakery and make it successful, but again I cannot fail. I love Baking and I think that this combination of Alcohol and baked goods brings a new idea to the market. 

- I would build an almost self sustainable, energy producing small home. Looking into what I truly need in life, I have found that I don't need a lot of space to keep me happy. I want a small home, that has one full room, a loft that can fit a full size bed, and two and a half baths. But then I want a separate little studio that is just my office space. 

-I would renovate my back yard to be nothing but a big game area. I mean I am talking about large Jenga, Kerplunk, a lawn chess set, and a giant Connect Four. I LOVE to play board games and saw giant Jenga at a few of the bars here in AZ. It was fun to do something other than just sit and talk about the same boring stuff. So I want my friends to be able to come over and just have fun. 

- I would take six years off JUST to go to school for Interior Design and photography. Those are my two passions in life, and it pains me to not be able to do both of them. So given the chance I would pour my whole heart into it. 

- I would intern for Ty Pennington, and he would hire me to help run his businesses because I am awesome. And we would have numerous shows on TLC and HGTV and become experts because of our talent. 

-I would go to the airport with my passport and just a bag with my computer and camera, and just pick a random place to go. No rime, no reason, and nothing holding me back. 

-I would hire a professional chef, so that I would never have to cook again. Other than to bake, because again I would own a bakery. But I would rather have other people cook for me. And said chef would do the dishes. 

-I would apply at Google to become the person who thinks of the cool perks in the office, and thinks of creative events in the office to encourage culture. OR I would work for Google to design their next office space! 

-I would volunteer everyday. I would go to homeless shelters, childrens hospitals, just anywhere that needs someone who has the means. I want to help rebuild the US and help people to get on their feet.  

- I would adopt a bunch of kids. Obviously I would need a bigger house, but again I want to help people, and kids are our future. 

-I would have a Beauty and the Beast Library and every shelf would be filled!

-I would write everyday, with no worry of criticism and have numerous Ideas that would be enjoyable to readers. I would write novels, poetry, articles, and blog posts of course. 

What would you do if you couldn't fail? 

all the small things...
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My day has been made.

So three things happened tonight. 
1.) I bought a shit ton of healthy food! AND made my lunch for tomorrow. 
2.) This happened. They don't judge which is good to know because I am wanting to gorge myself on these little slices. Plus it is my favorite food store! 
3.) I tried oil pulling tonight and it wasn't completely disgusting!
I can sleep happy tonight.  
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fan Girl Freakout: Teen Wolf

Please do not read if you do not want to see spoilers, because I am slightly freaking out here. 

Now if you don't watch Teen Wolf I suggest you put it on your Netflix que right MEOW. And for those of you who do, any one agree with me that this season has been totally cray! After last night I am not sure where this show is going, and no I did not watch the Wolf Talk afterwards because I am an idiot and do not record it. 

Portions that I am irritated and confused by: 

Stiles: Just this whole season has confused the hell out of me with Stiles. I understand that they kinda wanted to expand his role a bit, but this is boarder line fan uprising. Last night we did a recap of the return of Stiles and the separation between him and the Nogitsune, but apparently it has left the real Stiles on his death bed, because he is in constant pain, freezing cold, and has the skin complexion of casper. All I can say is that I am impressed with the range of acting Dylan O'brien has accomplished... But will the real Stiles Stilinski please come back?

Who shot at the twins?? I mean they are just frolicking around the forrest in search of Lydia and BAM! Random gunfire with wolfsbane laced bulletts. Are there more hunters in town? Was this the work of the Nogitsune? 

Why has Derek been in the back ground this entire season? It's obvi  that there is still family drama going on with him. But no the writers have to stop that story line to cut into the craziness of Stiles. Plus I mean it's Tyler Hoechlin and who doesn't remember his adorable boy next door days in Seventh Heaven? 

Kira and her whole mad family: So you have the dad who is just kind of the passive character. But as we learned last night when he was pointing out the flaws of the game, he has some smarts to him. Then you have her mom who is a Kitsune, but was the original summoner of the Nogitsune because she has some serious mental issues. And then you have Kira who seems kind of impatient yet ditzy about the whole situation. She should have seen the moves that her mother was making more quickly than she did. 

Banshee power: Ok I think that is helpful that they put in another banshee in this episode, and from an unlikely character. But what is up with Lydia being kidnapped? Was this just so that the Nogitsune could lure in everyone because he knew they would look for her? Or is it because the Banshee can truly give the Nogitsune power from her emotions?

Allison: Need I explain this? I mean I have never really been impressed with the character, but this is going to throw a lot of kinks into the storyline. Not cool. 

For those of you who have not watched Teen Wolf and are like "what the hell is a Nogitsune and a Kitsune?" Both derive from Japanese folklore, and both are in the form of Foxes.  Go here to see more info. 

Who watched last night? Anyone else share in my confusion?

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Why don't we get credit?!

Please prepare yourself for a rant. What I am about to say does not apply to everyone that I know, but it is something that I must get off of my chest. 

I am 24 almost 25. I hold a full time job that I have had for 5 years, a secondary job house sitting with a SET cliental, and I am a full time student. So how is it that I have more work ethic, more common sense, and more gratitude than a 37 year old? How is it that amongst my group of friends from high school I am one of the few that holds a steady job, and doesn't have any kids? Granted this appears to just be those who were closest to me in high school, but still. It baffles me that people do not have a strong sense of work ethic. Especially when they are much older than I am. So just how? 

This wave of thoughts came after my one and only employee, we will call him Dick, quit on Friday. And it was not the fact that he quit in general, but rather how he did it that pisses me off. Dick, already being late, called in on Friday and first started to say that he was not going to be in for the day. I had no problem with him taking a sick day! But then Dick said that he just didn't think he could come back to work at all. He was having relationship problems and was just going to move to another state that day.... Do you see where my frustration lies? I would have been cool giving him a few personal days, I am not a bitch boss like that. But you let your breakup ruin a job that had serious potential. MORON! Shouldn't a person who is 37 know better? 

The realization that many of my friends have the same way of thinking, and the same work ethic makes me question the basis of our friendships. Although, a lot of my friendships were not built on who worked harder than the other. They were built on common ideas and likes.

But how is it that younger individuals such as myself, are stereotyped in the negativity of today's socialite scandal, or because of the actions of people like my friends. One negative image is displayed and my entire generation is worthless. When in fact there are a number of us that do work hard to achieve our goals. Many of the blogs that I follow are amazing examples of individuals with serious work ethic. They spend most of their day working and then still have time to post these amazing, thought provoking posts. 

So why is it that we aren't getting credit for being hard workers? Is our generation just plagued with stereotypical images? 

End Rant**

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