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Monday, December 30, 2013

5 Things: Why I will not be going out this New Years Eve

Happy Monday Peeps!

As like every normal Monday, I thought I would throw out a 5 things post! Plus I am being super productive today. Like finished so much work it was impressive, type production.

I will not be going out this NYE because:  One there are cops EVERYWHERE in Phoenix. I am a bad night driver to begin with, throw the added police patrol out there and I would be screwed.

Two: Unless you want to pay out the arse to go to a block party, a lot of your normal spots will not be available. Cover for Fat Tuesdays last year was $40 per person. HAH!

Three: You are going to be raped on drink prices. Either they are going to be really cheap (and cheaply made) or 3 times more than normal (and they will still be cheaply made). Either way about three watered down drinks in you are going to stop caring what it costs and start buying rounds for everyone.

Four: Last year I managed to contract a really, REALLY bad case of the flu and some other strands of bacteria that led me into the hospital.

Five: I would have to make a lot of phone calls the next day reassuring my boss and family that I indeed was not going to go to the hospital because I was an idiot and got myself sick again. My boss has already pulled the dad card (yea we are close) and told me that I was not allowed to go out. Plus my mom will probably call me anytime she gets a spare moment. (Don't try to deny that you won't mother)

So instead of going out and partying hard, I have a bottle of wine and a frozen lasagna that are going to be owned, while watching the festivities from the safety of my couch.

What are your NYE plans?

Top 13 songs in 2013

Well we are almost to the new year, and with so many musical talents I thought I would share with you the top 13 songs of my 2013.

13. Merry Go Round by Kacey Musgraves

This girl tells it like it is! A lot of people are sort of scared (not sure if that is the right word) to talk or sing about what it may be like in a normal persons life. Well Kacey talks about it all, heart break, moving on, being yourself, and life living in a trailer.

12. Burn by Ellie Goulding

Despite the fact that her accent is incredibly thick, this is just a ton of fun to dance around the house to! 

11. Stubborn Love by The Lumineers

DID you know the Lumineers have more than one song?!!! (said with complete sarcasm) This band is seriously amazing. By far one of my favorite albums of the year. Besides Stubborn Love, Slow It Down is my favorite track. 

10. Mine would be you by Blake Shelton
Now those who know me pretty well know that I have a serious hatred for Blake Shelton and his wife. Their  voices make me want to punch infants, and they are so over played it makes it worse. BUT this song... how I love it. I am so confused by it all.

09. Drunk Last Night by Eli Young Band
Who hasn't done this? Eli Young Band has been around for a while, and I was able to see them live last year. Bravo boys on making a good song. 

08. Carolina by Parmalee
I just love this song. It has a good feel to it and I can listen to it all of the time! 

07. Stars Fall for You by Keith Urban

I had to put my husband on this list! His new album was good but this is my favorite track on it. 

06. Wild in Your Smile by Dustin Lynch

OK did you see my concert post? DID YOU SEE how gorgeous this boy is?! And he is a premed student?? I would like one of these for Christmas next year, because a boy this talented needs to be taken. 

05. We Got Us by Canaan Smith
Old song, New find. I was able to see him live last year with SugarLand. I hope that he puts out new music soon, his adorable self will make it if he keeps going. 

04. Counting Stars by One Republic
MY FAVORITE BAND OF ALL TIME! Well my dears they did it again. One Republic amazed me with their talent and awesomeness. I so want to see them in concert this year. Maybe someone can hint it to my friends that they should buy me tickets for my birthday and that I would love them forever. Plus Ryan Tedder is absolutely gorgeous and I everything he does. 

03. A Life That's Good by Lennon and Maisy Stella of Nashville

Ok this tiny duo has a powerful little punch! I love watching ABC's Nashville, and love each song that Lennon and Maisy sing. Check out their Youtube channel for the covers that they do. You'll be impressed! 

02. Live for the Night by Krewella
Another song that is fun to just dance around to! Krewella made it big this year with two chart toppers including this song and their song Alive. This family of musicians should make it pretty big in the Electronic Dance Music/Pop world. 

01. Back from the Dead by Skylar Grey
Ok, here is a talent that has gone unheard for quite too long. If you don't know Skylar Grey, you may know her as Holly Brook. Yup same person. If you still don't know her, think about this scene from Step Up 4:

Or her numerous collaborations with Dr. Dre (I Need a Doctor) or Diddy Combs/P-Diddy (Coming Home). 
Her voice is hauntingly beautiful. 

What were your top 13 songs for 2013? 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Blogmopolitan Quiz

I finally hopped on this band wagon. 

Check out Erin's Blog to snatch the original and Fill out your own copy!

Things people my age should know, but don't.

So we are in the day and age of technology, but a lot of the kids that are in their early twenties or younger have apparently gone stupid. I had to learn things to survive. Will I do them myself, not necessarily, but I know how.

This whole ordeal was all brought up by a shipper (person who moved) through my company, who quite honestly had been jipped when he thought he was buying this classic car. To him it was the tits, to us.... it was crap. Well he thought that there was only 20k miles on this 1976 classic car. I had to make a point that there was 200k miles on the car and that 5 people (all older than me) did not know how to read an odometer.

So kids, Learn how to read your odometer! Look at it to see how many miles you have on it, not just how many miles you get per tank. That's great if you are planning to go on a trip and want to see how many miles you are going to get before you need to fill up. But what is the point if you are doing your normal daily driving? Just saying.

Learn how to change a tire. I am not saying become part of a pit crew and learn how to change those suckers like a pro, but at least be able to know how to change it while your stuck on the side of the freeway or already 15 minutes late to work.

Learn how to use tools. Thankfully the only power tool that I know how to use is a drill and that is more for my safety because I am a klutz sometimes. But I know the difference between a phillips head and a flat head screw driver. If something minor breaks, I can fix it. Plus it gives you ample opportunity to learn how to do all of those DIY projects you have pinned to pinterest.

Learn how to balance a checkbook. Now this is one thing that I am glad technology stepped in for. But you should still know how to do it by hand. Just think... if one of these apps ever gets hacked. BAM there goes all of your information to your bank, your credit cards, the names of your parents, and your first child. Paper ones don't cheat on you like that. They will love you unconditionally until your bank account tells you that you have spent too much at Target.

Learn how to write your resume AND a cover letter. I am getting to hire someone and well now I have started looking over resumes. But if your resume doesn't come with a cover letter, well then see yah later alligator. It is something that I picked up from my friend V. People will send out resumes in the masses, but when they stop to do a cover letter, that is well written and focused to your company, it means that they actually took the time to look at the job and at the company. And that means that they are worth your time to look at and call.

Which leads me to the last bit of my ranting glory.
Learn how to select a job. A lot of people my age are scared to get into an office position. They don't know how or have the job skills to do so, and often it's no harder than retail. I have a number of friends that have applied to Target so many times that they can't apply anymore. So try for a small company that needs a receptionist or admin. Learning how to select a job, even in retail, is not very complicated. Just do your research! Look up the companies website, pull them up on LinkedIn. See what their values or employees look like. If you go into an interview, show that you want to grow by asking what their employee growth plans are, or if they have management training programs. ASK the smokers sitting outside what they think of the company. And then you schmooze your way into that office. In one way or another. Even ask if they would like an intern. And once you get that job, try and stick with it for two years. if you love your job it's easy, but even if you hate it staying around for 2 years is going to look better on your resume than a year here and a year there.

I am done ranting now.
Coffee break time.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The death of my iPhone... And My iPad.

Happy Saturday! What am I up to oooohhh just a little bit of blog preparation, and post writing... how? well not through my iPhone or iPad! 

This is what happened on Christmas Eve to my phone. 
(I know my house and I look fabulous huh?)

Well apparently I dropped my phone one too many times. But who knew a drop off of the coffee table would cause this?! Now all I have is a white screen with pixelated lines. BUT I can still make calls out, thanks to Siri! I don't think I have ever been this happy that B*tch is in my life. I only have to wait until January 11th for an upgrade... but honestly I cannot say whether or not I am going to be returning to apple. Why you ask? Well that my friends leads up to the death of my iPad.

My iPad has only one scratch on it. And it is fully functioning. BUT it has turned into an oversized alarm clock. Soon it will be obsolete, because I have the first generation iPad and apple is no longer supporting the software updates on it. This wouldn't be a big deal, if the apps did not have to upgrade to match the software updates. 

This leaves me with no option but to buy a new one? 
PPPSSSHHHHTTTTT!! I am not spending a couple hundo on to be ripped off in three years again. So I have begun the phone research to see what would be a good fit for me. 

Any suggestions?  

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

5 Things: Christmas Day Edition

Happy Christmas everyone!!! I know it is not Monday but I think Christmas is definitely a reason to post a 5 Things post.

Ok who doesn't love Marty Deeks?!

So I kid you not these are the 5 things that always happen with my family on Christmas Day.

1.) I am always up by 7 am. Normally my mom is making breakfast so the smell of food cooking and excitement of one of the best days ever gets me awake!

2.) We always have Christmas Breakfast. When we were kids we would go to our fathers after 2pm so my mom always did breakfast.

3.) The yule log on channel 45 (in Phoenix) is on until we are completely done with opening gifts. I live in Arizona and  there is no way that a real fire is ever built.

4.) It never fails that there is one practical joke gift.

5.) The first thing my older brother and I go for are our stockings to get the endless supply of grandpa candy (Brach's peppermint taffy) that has been stuffed in our stocking. And my mom always puts an apple and/or orange in there.

I hope everyone is having an amazing Christmas!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Amaretto By Morning Chocolate Chip Cookies

Morning Y'all!

No I am not from Texas, although it looks like I may be able to move there if I get the funds to.  But Arizona doesn't really seem to have a lot of people in the blogging world. Anyways! I thought I would share a new recipe with you for your baking pleasure. I made these little cookies and they were a hit!

Told you I baked with Alcohol.

To start off you need to take the flour, salt and baking soda and sift them into a medium size bowl. Like such:
Then in a large mixing bowl, take your two sugars and butter and beat into submission with an electric
mixer. Or if you prefer, until light and fluffy. (I only have before pictures)
Then add your eggs, one at a time, allowing them to be mixed in prior to adding the next.
Add your amaretto.
Then gradually mix in your dry ingredients until they are just mixed. Add in your chocolate chips, and your hazelnuts.

Now you have to allow the batter to cool for 30 minutes in the fridge. Once that time is up it is finally time to Pre heat your oven to 375 degrees.

Then you roll your dough into balls (or scoop if you have the luxury of owning a cookie scoop, unlike me) like such.

I did place parchment paper on the cookie sheet while baking, it allowed for them to come off smoother and kept my cookie sheets fairly clean. I would highly recommend it. 

Place the cookies on the MIDDLE rack in your oven. Trust me, top rack they do not cook all the way through and the bottom rack they burn. And Bake them for 12 minutes. If they do not look finished put it to 14 minutes. 

and then Viola! You have some kick ass cookies with an amazing taste. This recipe does make 3 dozen cookies, so share with your friends! 

nom nom nom... cookies!!

5 Things: Lets Get Baking

So we all know that along with the holiday season comes baking season. The mixers have been preparing for this all year long and those chocolate chips know their job. We have our most comfortable stretchy pants baking attire out and waiting and our cutest aprons pressed.

Baking for me comes with 5 Simple things.

1) Alcohol! Yup I bake with it. I know that most of it gets burned out while baking, but I have my ways.

2) A mess. I NEVER and I mean NEVER can keep my area clean. I have tried but it never fails that I get flour all over the counters, Red Velvet cake mix on the cabinets, and dirty dishes up the wazoo.

3) I clean as I go. Mainly due to the mess that I make and because that was how I was taught. My OCD senses kick in between batches.

4) on half of my family recipe cards Tisp or tsp means Teaspoon and TBL or Tibble means Table spoon. My great grandma wrote them, and that is how they have been no matter how many times they are re-written.

5) Raw cookie dough will not kill you. I am living proof that sampling the product prior to being slid into the oven is not a serious offense. Your mother/grandmother/aunts/ and Pillsbury lied to you. You're welcome!

What is your favorite cookie recipes? Anyone up for a recipe link up?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

5 Things: Ornament Edition

Well Folks my tree has officially gone up this year! Last year was my first without my mom so I decided to skip the Christmas Festivities. But this year I am back in full force!

Now 2 things you should know about my tree. One it is artificial, because my nick name is plant killa.

Two it has been known to kill a breaker or two because my mom's ideal tree is FILLED will lights. It has already shut my tiny place down twice now. I am pretty sure that there are at least 9 strands of lights on this 6 foot tree. Think Griswald style....

My Tree:

Ok this picture does not do it full justice. I cannot turn the tree and TV on at the same time or else a breaker goes. There is an extension cord down the back portion, and I have since fluffed and repositioned ornaments. There are SO MANY lights on the tree. 

Now my decorating has no rhyme or reason to it. I just put on my ornaments and call it a day. Here are the ornaments of my year.

1) My most prized Ornament: Is this lovely precious moments ornament. It was given to my mom by my grandma Margo, who passed away when I was really young. My mom passed it down to me, and I will pass it on to my children. When and If I have them.

2) The wackiest ornament: Flamingo's... My mom received a bunch of flamingo ornaments two years ago. The picture speaks for itself.

3) The Plain Jane: My tree has several of these ornaments on it. So pretty yet so plain.

4) My 2013 Ornament: Now this is not an ornament I bought this year. But one that I put on my tree in remembrance. This one is in honor of it's maker, Valerie, who started my obsession with floral arrangements and was a family friend for many years. She passed away this year from Breast Cancer, so this one is for her.

5) The Tree topper: I do not have one. The top of the tree is only 2 inches away from my ceiling leaving no room.

What is your most prized Ornament?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


It is the joke in my office that I have the ears of a rabbit, because I can literally hear almost any conversation on my half of the building. I try to tune stuff out... But I can't. Well today I overheard a conversation that I had to get involved in.

Paul: YOU'VE never seen Pitch Perfect? It's really funny!
Jana & Angela: NO! We will have to look it up.
Paul to Me: you have a little something there behind your ear.
Me: leave it there, it fuels my hate fire!

Everyone else:


And throughout the day... well we have been quoting it... RELIGIOUSLY! I love it when I find someone else who loves it as much as me. I can watch it like 3 times in one day, and it never gets old.

Anyone else here love it?!

Hope your having a good one Aca-people.

Happy Birthday to my Baby Brother

He's not such a baby anymore. Actually he is a big pain in my arse most of the time! But today my extremely tall, extremely dorky brother turns 23.

Let us remember the good times!

Baby Michael


I am pretty sure those dirt marks are still there. 

My Brother and His Twin! 
Story behind this: My mom and her best friend, both named Deborah (my mom is Debbee and her best friend is Debbie), well they conveniently had kids on the same day, same time, same year, EVERYTHING! The only difference is that Jessica was born in Germany. 

My mom made him clean off the dirt. JK! His senior portrait. 

Pretty much what he looks like now... except a little chunkier. ;) 

Happy Birthday Monkey Michael. May you act your age and drink yourself into a stupor before you need to take care of my dog! 

A confession I must make.

By now a few of you may have read my 26 by 26. If not go check it out! But either way you will see two things on there... I have tried to keep them a secret, but I can't fight this feeling anymore.
One is to own all of the X-Men Movies in Blue Ray. The other... to go to comicon.

That's right. I am. A nerd.
Not one of those little poser girls who think that by putting on big glasses and making kissy faces type nerd. No, I actually need my glasses to see. That was made apparent last night when I decided to try and charge my dvd player remote instead of my phone.

So let's review what in this world would make me qualify in the nerd/geek/outcast department please.

Batman VS Superman
First, I often argue about who is cooler. Batman or Superman. But then I will make comparative charts on who is cooler. Batman to this day still wins. 

Books > Alcohol
Then we go to the fact that I would rather read than go out all night. And I am 24.... it is physically impossible for me to enjoy going out and plying myself with liquor, with that being the sole purpose of the night. I am a fantastic liar to those of my friends who think I do. The only time I would think about enjoying it is if I had been broken up with, and well I have been single for almost 4 years so. 

Manga/ Anime  
I may or may not have watched manga and enjoyed it. It's been a while... but still. 

Has Basic Computer Knowledge
I know the difference between a mac and a pc. And if I were motivated enough I could actually build a pc from scratch. But there is no motivation in that for me. I do not know html though, which might be the death of me. 

Long Live Comics!
I have seen all of the Marvel and DC movies, with the exception of the new Thor. And I repeat, I want all of the X-Men Movies.  If i could actually find a functioning comic book store still in Phoenix I would go, all the time. 

I may or may not have a private board on pinterest for cosplay. It is amazing and those people spend lots of money on their outfits. 

TV will be the death of me. 
I refuse to watch Dr. Who... For fear it will consume my life, much like Game of Thrones did. This was me thanksgiving weekend. 

Raj Syndrom
I am an introvert. Meaning it is extremely hard for me to make friends in a real life situation. I am typically the one at the party making friends with your pets rather than your actual human guests. 

I never get to play video games. 
But when I do, I play them for extended periods of time. I have a tendency to get sucked into video games. Especially Final Fantasy.... yea... 

There are more. But I would rather not indulge anymore than I already have. 

Live Long and Prosper my friends. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Life Lessons According to the FurMonsters: Ghillie

Ghillie here!! And let me tell you THAT I AM SSOOO EXCITED to have stolen mom's computer while she does the dishes... heheheheheheheh!

So today's lesson is going to be on Snuggling. Now for some reason a lot of humans refer to snuggling as forms of silverware, and I honestly don't know why they call something forking... It makes no sense.

So here are a few examples of how to snuggle with your human properly:

First, start with the "pretty please" look. It looks something like this.

Depending on the day, you might want to ease into the snuggle. Here I started by resting my head on her knee. 

And make sure to give the puppy dog eyes when you move in closer. 

And take a minute to stop and take a nap there. The Bottom area always allows for cushioned comfort. 

And then BAM! You can squeeze your way up to the boobs! Those things are amazing! 

Now... When attempting to get on to furniture, never argue with your human. And when they put warm laundry on top of you so that they can fold. DO NOT ARGUE! Embrace it. 

But it is never good idea to lay in this form of position with your human. Apparently my elbows are too boney. 

Until next time! Ghillie!