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Friday, May 15, 2015

It's Fri-YAY!!

I think I am ready for this weekend. I know one is ready for every weekend, but with final projects earlier in the week and family stuff later in the week it couldn't come any quicker!

So here are some random things to help celebrate Friday! 

Pitch Perfect 2
'Nough Said!

I purchased my very own set of Business Cards for Kylea & Company!! I ordered them from and though I could have stopped at the normal size ones, I went with the mini cards too. Because they are super adorable! I used a moo design and couldn't be happier, plus you aren't getting the same boring design on each card. They are all a little different! 

Want to try out go Here and create your own business cards? Click here and see what they have to offer.

I found the glorious app that is known as Dubsmash, and it's amazing!

This Video from Hilary Duff! She is literally on fire this year, and I applaud this girl for being so open about being on Tinder.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend! 

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